Your Inner Fat Girl (YIFG) is collaborating with a WOC owned, Uptown, New Orleans ice cream shop to bring back a vibe that only they can. YIFG X Hoodcream are joining forces to debut a push-pop at a neighborhood block party, giving its attendees a feeling of nostalgia. The push pop’s flavors are yet to be disclosed, but it’s said that the combination of flavors will include something healthy and something comforting. 

YIFG:“ Eating clean is proven to help you feel better, focus more and age better. Eat Good, Taste Better is my slogan. Eating as you please will do the same as well, but in moderation. I enjoy the best of both worlds and needed a refreshing treat that gave just that” 

YIFG is a New Orleans foodie, but not just any Instagram foodie. Natalie Taste gives the YIFG brand a sexy and forward thinking aesthetic that’s provoked by body positivity and the thought of taking back the meaning of the term ‘FAT’.  

YIFG: “My why is meant to uplift women of all backgrounds and identities, and organically fuel confidence in the next woman to be proud of all that she is and that includes the flaws that compliment her.”  

YIFG recently celebrated it’s five year anniversary with a new merchandise collection. The collection drew in the attention of many but they all weren’t so positive. During the release of the new merch line, the brand went under digital attack by onlookers questioning Natalie’s qualifications to use the term ‘Fat’ in the manner she does, and the lack of plus size merch on YIFG’s website. Natalie addressed this by apologizing, sharing her history with the term ‘FAT’ and including more plus sizes in the merchandise line. 

YIGF “Moving forward, inclusive representation will be present and sizing will be adjusted accordingly. I see you all mentioning an increase in pricing with plus sizes, which I hope you understand must remain due to cost differences from manufacturer’s. However, I commit to plotting ways for everyone to feel welcomed in this space. Lastly, I want to thank you all for holding me accountable and also giving me grace in responding.

The community is welcomed to attend the neighborhood block party. 10% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to She Loves. A 501(3)(C ) non profit organization that encourages every young woman to curate a life she loves. The non profit was founded by KeAmber Guidry, who uses the organization to reach young girls through initiatives such as summer camps filled with thought provoking activities the girls can use to maneuver throughout their lives. KeAmber was recently recognized by the City of New Orleans for her work behind She Loves. 

Show up to support this event Saturday…

Photo Cred: Cosey Photography