What Kind of Cheater Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I hope there’s no cross-watchers in here….


CAPRICORN: You can be my side piece but I can’t be yours

Capricorns are pretty loyal people. The goat is usually too busy climbing mountains to even think about cheating. However, if they do, just like everything else in their lives, they must be number one. If a Capricorn steps outside of their relationship, they won’t do so with someone who’s already involved and normally their playmates won’t care much about being devoted to a taken Capricorn. They’ll be so intrigued by the Capricorn and feel blessed with the presence of the Cap. They’ll gladly settle for number two without question. Also, Capricorns are team players, they won’t partake in possibly breaking another woman’s heart at the risk of a fling. They know there’s plenty of fish in the sea to play around with.


AQUARIUS: A gullible mess

Aquarius’ are actually the polar opposite of the Capricorn when it comes to cheating. When cheating on their spouses, the Aquarius prefers someone who’s involved. Their theory is, nothing can go wrong if all parties have something to lose. I have nothing against this mindset if you’re playing the field. The downfall for the Aquarian is that they waste a lot of time dating the sidepiece that it almost becomes a literal second relationship for them. They become invested and believes everything their boy-toy says. When married men are cheating, they won’t speak highly of their wives. You’d think the Aquarian understood this after hearing the same story from sidepiece after sidepiece. ”I don’t like my wife like that.” ”We’re just there for the kids.” ”I sleep on the sofa.” Yada, yada! Stop being so gullible. Let that shit go in one ear and out of the other.


PISCES: I don’t know why I’m here

These little fishes are the most impulsive of the water sign. Their escapades are normally not well thought out. They probably don’t even want to cheat. Pieces, most often don’t know why their engaging. They are also easily peer pressured into the act. When being approached, they’ll just go with the flow because that’s what they do. They know no solid ground, they are creatures of the water.


ARIES: Playa from the Himalayas

There’s something about Aries that is simply irresistible. They’re likable and flirtatious. This is another child of the zodiac that is normally loyal, at least they intend to be. They just can’t keep their eyes on the prize. Aries feed on the attention they get and once they stop feeling ”important” at home, they’re looking for the next ego boost. Once caught cheating, and they often are, they won’t deny it. Aries will gaslight, play the victim, and denounce accountability to the end. It’s basically your fault they cheated on you. They will gladly walk away and never see their fault because, you stopped pacifying their toxic egos.


TAURUS: The emotional cheater

You will meet more single Taurus’ in your life than any other zodiac sign. If you’ve been lucky enough to get one in a relationship consider it a miracle. When in a relationship, the Taurus is more likely to be faithful because their too lazy to get out and meet people. They are normally very routine oriented and prefer not to deviate from their schedules. They crush often because they like what they like. They’ll also pursue you if you come across their paths, but good luck getting them to meet up. On the bright side, they’re great text messaging buddies.


GEMINI: Unbothered Party Girl

It’s real simple with the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the zodiac, they are just in it for the fun. The Gemini doesn’t care about the logistics of the situation. If they make the decision to step out of their relationship to entertain you, it’s just that, entertainment. The second it’s no longer fun for Gem’ or they start to feel complication seeping in, they’re going to chuck the deuces. If you like them, and likely you will, keep it fun and your Gemini won’t run. They won’t mind doubling back once you’ve gotten your mind right. Gemini’s are all about their own programs, either get with it or get lost. They won’t do complication.


CANCER: Head over heels

Not afraid to make the first move. Doesn’t mind picking up the bill. Will say ‘I love you’ first. Girl, you know you’re taken! If there’s anyone that’ll lead someone on and give them empty hope, it’s a Cancer. The crazy part is, a part of them believes their shallow promises while the other half is reminding them of reality. The Cancer is the one who will fall in love with their side piece and be in love with their main course also. The Cancer has emotions for days and much to give, until they don’t anymore.


LEO: The attention seeker

Despite what many may think, the Leo loves hard. They can actually love you just as much as they love themselves. But the question is, who has the time to give the king of the jungle the attention it needs? Not many, therefore, the lion is always looking for it’s next cheerleader when the current one burns out.


VIRGO: The one playing catch back

Virgo’s are some of the nicest, most giving children of the zodiac and they show out when in love. They normally have their guards up but once they let it down, they love hard. Often in relationships, Virgo’s are taken advantage of because their person is aware of how easily they’ll forgive. Therefore, a Virgo is faithful until being cheated on. They may walk away but they will go back because the love is still there and Virgo’s are known to follow their hearts. But that doesn’t mean they’re over what you’ve done. The Virgo is also one who loves to level the playing field. They’ll come back but they’re going to get even and they won’t hide it.


LIBRA: Where ever the wind takes them

Librans can literally live a totally different life everyday of the week. From how they carry themselves, to their likes and dislikes, to even their sexual orientation. Libras love to be free and they fully embody who they are when they awake in the morning and that can be a totally different person from the day before. A Libra can love you to death one day and the next day, not so much. They’ll actually let you know that they need space and whatever they choose to do with that space is completely up to them. Can the Libran be a faithful counterpart of a relationship? Sure, but if the thought of weighing options appeal to them, then on a scale you shall go.


SCORPIO: The young and the reckless

Scorpios are like children because they never really seem to grow up or old. They are the embodiment of youthfulness and are normally really good looking people. They always want their way and they don’t mind breaking a few hearts to get what they want. This is a zodiac sign filled with personality disorders but they’re charming, so they always keep the best of the best people around them. When in a relationship, this water sign falls pretty hard and rightfully so because they attract quite genuine people to their inner circles. The Scorpio is like a kid in a candy store in the world. If they see it and like it, they must have it. And if you’re in a relationship with one, don’t expect to be considered. It’s all about what the Scorpion desires and they won’t let you get in their way.


SAGITTARIUS: Master cheater

The wonderer of the zodiac! You won’t find a Sagittarius ever looking for love. The Sag’ is one that loves their own company. When they want to share their time and energy with you, they’ll let you know. And they’ll also let you know when your time is up. Sagittarius’ won’t commit early on in a relationship, they like to take things slow. They are the thorough beings of the zodiac when in love. They are hard on people and will pick you apart, despite their own shortcomings. If you just so happen to land one, you won’t know if their cheating on you if they decide to do so. Smart, precise and a bit cunning. They know how to move without making anyone wonder about them.

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