What is ‘Free Bleeding’ and Why every woman should try it

At some point in time ‘Free Bleeding’ became this big wave that is huge amongst feminist. I’ve heard the phrase many times but recently realized I’d been practicing free bleeding for a while, dating back into my preteen years. I wasn’t trying to be a feminist or make a huge point with the act. Practicing free bleeding for me felt comfortable and was pretty much second nature. If you haven’t caught on, free bleeding is simply the act of not using a pad, tampon, cup or item to catch or absorb your blood during your period. Now, before you go getting grossed out, listen, this simple act solves four main problems most women suffer with during their periods.

Once I realized I may be pioneered ‘a thing’ (in my head). I started to pay attention to my period and how it changed when I was using a feminine hygiene product to absorb it and when I didn’t. It didn’t take me long to realize why free bleeding felt so natural to me. The act itself solved issues that kept me resenting ”Aunt Flow” and her monthly visits.

No Cramping

During my little experiment, I noticed that tampons made my period cramps worst. I normally get sharp cramps that would stop me in my tracks if walking and make my knees buckle if I’m standing straight up. However, when I’m free bleeding, I experience very mild cramps, if any cramps at all. I also noticed that my mood doesn’t change. Less cramps, less mood swings? Maybe so.

A Lighter Flow

During my periods, I use pads, discs, and tampons depending on how I’m feeling, what I’ll be doing during the day, and the measure of my flow. In the first days of my period I would easily bleed through these items and my pants as well. You would think I’d make quite a mess while free bleeding, but I don’t. When I choose to not use a feminine product, my periods are lighter and more controlled, never actually leaking through my underwear. This experiment definitely had me wondering how can the same period that would drench overnight pads and super plus tampons barely ruin my panties?

No Weird Smells

There’s a perception out there that the smell of the blood from your period is foul. The truth is, unless there’s an underlying problem, it isn’t. Fresh blood leaving your body smells “like blood.” The foul smells occur when one uses a product that absorbs the blood, such as a pad or tampon and it’s worn for hours. Old blood sitting close to the body and definitely in the body for a period of time can cause smells. I don’t know about you but sitting in my own old blood has never been appealing to me. This alone is probably the reason I started free bleeding in the first place.

No Vaginal Dryness

I don’t know about you but after using tampon after tampon for a week, It takes a few days for my vaginal secretions to get back to normal. After seven days of not having sex, I don’t want to wait two or three more. Yes, you can wear a pad but that goes back to sitting in old blood and that isn’t the answer for me. If I spend the last days of my period free bleeding, I don’t have to wait for my vagina to naturally lubricate itself again because I’m not traumatizing it with tampons.

In conclusion, I would have to say that free bleeding keeps a menstruating woman happy. I don’t have documented facts that feminine hygiene products are causing women to experience horrible periods but I will say that I am almost 100% relieved of some intense symptoms while free bleeding.

Have you tried free bleeding? What was your experience like?

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  • This was very well written. I haven’t tried free bleeding but I would – currently have an IUD and it pretty much keeps my cycle very non-existent. I will be telling my teens to try it since they are home most of the time now with everything going on. Thanks for this!

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