What Black America wants Black-Owned Businesses to Know

“We luh y’all!”

We really do. Y’all know exactly the vibe and flavor we’re looking for. Since we speak the “same language”, just know that you all come first place because can’t nobody do it better.

“It’s not about the coins. It’s about the service.”

We’ll travel to the moon and back for great service. In business, there will be mistakes. There will be “off days” and there will be new employees who are training but please understand that competent, authentic customer service supersedes any mistake every time. Sometimes just the admission of a mistake appeases most customers.

“Is you finished or is you done?”

Please stop talking about every little thing your clients do on social media. It’s unattractive and leaves an impression on those who may have the power to offer you future business opportunities. Keep it classy. Instead, put it in your business policies and thoroughly review it with your customers BEFORE any service is rendered or product is delivered.

And for the record, a tip is of the customer’s discretion, not yours.

“Drop all the extra.”

Speaking of policies… drop the overkill. Your policies should not only hold your clients to a standard but you as well. If your clients are charged a late fee after being 10 minutes late then you should discount their service when you’re 10 or more minutes minutes late as well. That’s called integrity.

Issa #plottwist, sis!

“Just because I got a new job/car or reached a new personal/career milestone does not mean you should charge me extra!”

Look, let us live! Let us enjoy our lil advancement. If I buy a new car and you see me driving it, that doesn’t mean I can afford for you to charge me $40 extra for my blow out service that was just $110 last week. Stop the madness. Your prices should be fixed and equal for every client. We understand that sometimes you may want to give family and friend discounts and give a free back-to-school service here and there but there also shouldn’t be a “moving on up tax” either.

“Consistency would be nice.”

Consistency in pricing. Consistency in business hours. Consistency in food taste and consistency.

Look, if I’ve been telling my girls that this new black owned restaurant on “such and such-a” street is bomb, please don’t let me down when I finally round them all up and bring them to patronize you. How embarrassing! I’ve been embarrassed so much in the past that sometimes I want to call the restaurant/establishment and (A) Let them know we’re coming AND how much I’ve been caping for them and (B) Ask them if they put the “holy trinity” in their red beans today.

“You ‘tude. I ‘tude. We all ‘tude!”

We know that entrepreneurship can be hella frustrating but try some alternate ways of communicating besides “catching an attitude”. We know that dealing with the public can be very rewarding but most times it’s a feat. You’re dealing with different backgrounds, incomes and intelligence levels and it’s always best to “meet people where they are”, if that makes any sense. So, patience is essential. I find many entrepreneurs regularly go to counseling (including myself)… there’s a reason for that. ?

“Do you appreciate us or nah?”

A simple “Thank you for your business.” Or “Thanks for the referral!” goes a long way. If you want to do customer shot outs or offer discounts after a certain number of services/visits, that goes a long way as well. Get creative with your appreciation. We patronize you because honestly we want to see you win. When YOU  win, we  ALL win.

‘Til next time, peace.

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