Lunar Emotions: Understanding Your Moon Sign

Explaining your emotions when you're most comfortable.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you, at the bare minimum, know your sun sign.  Your sun sign is the zodiac sign that everyone knows based on their birthdate.  This is the one people gravitate to if they are looking up their horoscope or when they want to stereotype another sign.  This is the most common sign and for good reason – it is the sign that tells the most surface information about who you are.  It is the most bragged upon, scolded, and judged.  The thing is zodiac signs go so much deeper.  When it comes to your birth chart, the sun sign is simply scratching the surface. There are signs in planets and houses and then don’t even talk about your life path number.  Man…we can go so far so fast but let me reel it in and focus here – how to understand your moon sign. 

Today we will touch on the second most important placement and that is the Moon Sign.  Why is this so important you ask?  Well, simply put, the moon sign is the REAL you.  Now, a lot of people will disagree and say “nah Krys, my Sun Sign gives all of me” but the reality is – it simply doesn’t.  The reason I say your moon sign is the real you is because this sign is who you are when you are in an emotional state. This is the sign that comes out when you are most comfortable, less guarded.  Think of it like this, you know how people can tend to be someone else when they are drunk?  They tend to be less inhibited and freer. That is how you should view your moon sign – it is who you are when you are drunk (or comfortable).

I know you’re thinking – alright now, how do I find out what my moon sign is? Well, the first step is to know your birthplace (city, state) and time along with your birth date.  This will determine your exact moon sign and not a guestimate.  You can use a guestimate, but I advise not even wasting your time.  Just glance at your birth certificate or ask your parents – this is super important. Take this information and enter it into a birth chart calculator. From there, you will be revealed your entire birth chart – which signs are in which planets, etc.  This is all great information to understand yourself (and others) but today we are only touching on the moon sign.  

Now that you know your moon sign, let’s look at what this sign being in your moon position means. For the most part, what the sign represents overall is what it will represent in your moon sign. It just appears that your moon sign is a lot more accurate (in most cases) so if you do not resonate with your sun sign, check that moon sign and be shocked. You can also go HERE to see what to expect this month and understand your moon sign a little better.

Aries Moon: Fiery, Energetic, Passionate.

Quick to just about anything – fight, forgive, even fall in love. They are very impulsive and love independence. Hostile and lively, always a ball of fun (or fire) who will never leave people bored.

Taurus Moon: Calm, Stable, Committed.

Stability and comfort leads this sign and it shows with themselves and those they love. They are quick to make sure there is food on the table and money in the bank because living lavish is their love language. Just like the bull, their stubborn nature cannot be moved. Once decided, whatever it is, it is final.

Gemini Moon: Spontaneous, Distracted, Adaptable.

Witty, charming and full of fun; but also irritable, and gets bored very easily. A forever student, always looking to learn something new. Adventures are their favorite pasttime so this sign is always looking for the next big adventure.

Cancer Moon: Guarded, Nurturing, Emotional.

Caring by nature and nurturing to everyone they love; but if you are a stranger, expect guarded energy and side eyes. Not afraid of their feelings nor expressing them, they have their emotions under control; and by control, I mean they let them run loose without regret.

Leo Moon: Expressive, Playful, Dramatic.

A high desire to socialize and be the center of attention. Love being surrounded by those they love and are very generous with their belongings but not the spotlight. Big on self-expression, look for them to be creative in at least one aspect of the arts. Hosting events is a deep love of theirs.

Virgo Moon: Practical, Honest, Organized.

Practical mind with a creative heart. Extremely intuitive with a very no nonsense nature. They will only give warnings once so take heed. Guarded at first but once that guard is down, they can really be the life of the party.

Libra Moon: Expressive, Fashionable, Cooperative.

Always willing to help anyone with anything; you can expect a peaceful yet honest nature from this one. They absolutely love being social and making new friends. Always looking for the next big party or gathering, just so they can show off their latest outfit. The world is their runway.

Scorpio Moon: Intense, Private, Certain.

Ever seen the Great Wall of China? That represents this sign. Everyone wants to see it but everyone can’t conquer it. They are observers and once you come into their presence, they can see right through you. Highly emotional with all emotions so what you see is what they mean.

Sagittarius Moon: Impatient, Imaginative, Free Spirited.

Most happy when they are free – they love their freedom and space. Very optimistic and imaginative. Always looking to learn about the unknown – cracking the codes to the universe. Love being outdoors and taking on an adventure of some sort.

Capricorn Moon: Conservative, Determined, Successful.

High standards and big expectations. Success is their middle name and only goal. Very grounded and not very emotional; at least on the surface. Calm, composed, and cool is what this sign embodies the most.

Aquarius Moon: Social, Idealistic, Independent.

Prideful deep down but will try to remain calm and with a poker face. Enjoys social settings and enjoys thier alone time even more. Strong-willed, passionate, and extremely creative. Always willing to fight for equality.

Pisces Moon: Sensitive, Intuitive, Dreamy.

The psychics of the zodiac. Always dreaming of a world that only exists in their minds. Soft-hearted, sweet, emotional. Loves music and romance. A great sense of humor but can be extremely petty and passive-aggressive.

Moon signs are rarely talked about but are so important when making up the “whole” you. Want to know what someone is like deep down? Ask their moon sign instead of their zodiac (sun) sign. You should also find out their Mercury, Mars and Venus if you’re really interested in them but that is a lesson for another day. For now, comment below your moon sign and if the description resonates with you. Hopefully this helped you understand your moon sign. Stay tuned for more explanations of the birth chart.

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