“That’s my Type”: How to bag a Wealthy Man or how to make YOUR man wealthy Pt. 2

Welcome to part two… specifically for our “love birds”! Let’s talk about: “How to make YOUR man wealthy” in 7 simple steps!
First, HE has to have the desire and will to reach his wealth goals but sometimes we know men just need a little nudge; just a little direction and that’s what we as the caring, committed spouses will do in order to ensure a comfortable future for our families. (So if you know your man is lazy, don‘t even bother, sis. Save your energy and either accept life as it is or rethink a long term commitment with oh boy if financial stability is something you‘re serious about.) Rule #1- Speak Life: Make your home and any area around you a positive zone. Do not allow him to speak negatively about himself, his abilities or even his past mistakes. You are to be authentic and intentional when reaffirming him. Mind your tone during disagreements and never bring up his weaknesses out of spite. No name calling and definitely no verbal sabotage. Only positive affirmations and manifestations allowed around these parts!

Rule #2- Point out his strengths: Buy and/or share with him tools to develop his strengths. He’s into fitness training? Share a free trainer certification class they’re hosting in your city and/or buy him a new Apple Watch to monitor his fitness levels and metrics. Also, him hearing someone he trusts and holds dear mention a strength that he may or may not have known he had makes him start to think of ways to capitalize which brings us to our next rule…
Rule #3- Make your demands but dress them up as… “suggestions”: “Hey bae! Have you ever thought of getting your contractor’s license?” “Honey! You’re really good with numbers. Ever thought of starting a tax business?” “Bae, guess what? I brought you a flyer for this investing seminar. I thought you may be interested. You’re really good at saving and monitoring our investments in the stock market.” Do you get my drift? And suggest with a smile… and a kiss. Then a “I love you.” My own boyfriend has caught on to my “suggestions”. He responds with “I love you too baby.” with a smirk. I chuckle inside. Just know, we’ve been dating for nearly a year and he’s done a complete 180 through and through. #ThisWorks I’m so proud of my hunnie bun but back to business…

Rule #4- Unleash the hoe… on occasion: Hell, unleash her often. I’m convinced that nothing makes a man feel more capable, powerful and in control than a beautiful and confident woman flirting with him… performing a random strip tease and wearing a few provocative pieces, just for him. He’ll wake up the next morning energized. Ready to provide for his multifaceted and multitalented ? woman and their family.
Rule #5- Celebrate his wins: Take him out on dates. Surprise him with thoughtful gifts and things he loves. If he had any self-doubt about his progress, they’d quickly vanish after your sweet surprises. You’d be surprised how far the words “I’m proud of you!” goes in a relationship. Try it!
Rule #6- Get it in black and white: Now, this should’ve been Rule #1 but I thought I’d come in smooth. But look, let me tell you something: “Don’t get got!” DO NOT put in work helping your spouse build a business and your name is nowhere on the articles of incorporation nor the business documents. And for those of you who are so ride or die you’ll front the money for the business, hire you a good business attorney and understand that the business is YOURS. He can be listed as an officer within the company but if at any time he would like to separate himself from you… politely inform him that he’ll have to buy you out first. Until then, you’re the HBIC. But it’s all in love though. Let’s go my Black King! (Laugh) Got to pay the cost to be the boss, patna! #ProtectYourselfLadies

Rule #7- You’re Bonnie: You’ve got his back. Period! he shouldn’t have to guess or question. You’re there. You’re his rock. You’re his inspiration. You’re his biggest fan. The Bonnie to his Clyde. You want a wealthy man? Well, act like it.
Class is dismissed.

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