“That’s my Type”: How to bag a Wealthy Man or how to make YOUR man wealthy Pt. 1

Pens and paper will be required for this lesson. Please come in; have a seat and remain attentive. The following lesson is not for the faint of heart, fickle in spirit or low in vibration. I am your instructor, Madam Fultz, and you have signed up for “How to Bag a Wealthy Man”. If you’re in the wrong place, now’s your time to exit… stage… left.

Let us begin.
For our first lesson, we’ll start with learning how to cop a (an already) wealthy man and then we’ll share the goods on how to make your man wealthy for those already in… “love”. (Bats eyelashes)
For securing the (already) wealthy man’s bag, first thing’s first: Have something to offer besides “punani”.
Look ladies, hoe-ing and effectively securing the bag with a long-term serious commitment (AKA “a ring”) are 2 different things. If you want the basic $40 and a Plan B, bend over and make it clap whenever he calls but for that long-term thing: You’re not available every time he calls/ you’ll call him back later or you “just have a few minutes to talk”. You get my drift? Basically- “Look nigga, I’m busy. (Insert flirtatious wink or chuckle here)” He’s thinking: “Hmm… This one’s different. Let’s see if she’s really real or just fronting.”
His interests are piqued. Don’t worry… his condescending tone will fade quickly. Because oh… you’re real, alright. The realest there ever was! Because if there’s one thing about men… they think they know everything and wealthy men are the champions of thinking they know it all… but you, you’re about to prove him wrong. But go on and sip your tea ladies because we’re about to reel him in real quick.
Next, talk about things of substance. Introduce new schools of thought or talk about different beliefs and philosophies. This is called depth. In 2020, this is rare to find in men or women as we care more about posing for “the gram” and learning how to perform the newest social media challenge then educating ourselves on things outsides of our day to day lives. Plus, we know a few “women” who think their physical looks will carry them through life. They do zero inner work and wonder why they’re rarely respected by men of any tax bracket.
He’s thinking: “Interesting… depth. That’s rare. I can’t wait to learn more about her.” He may even think: “Ok, it’s time for me to ask her out. This girl just may be pretty amazing. I’ve got to know more.”
Chill. Be yourself. Just in case you haven’t heard, desperation is unattractive. No man wealthy nor “ill endowed” wants a desperate woman. Attracting persons of the opposite sex is a delicate dance. So in order to remain in control of your emotions and headspace, you’ve got to master yourself first. So what he “has money”! That doesn’t mean to throw all your self respect and dignity away for an opportunity to be with him. I promise, if he senses even a “tinch” of desperation… your chances of being taken serious are over. You can kiss those random trips to Paris and Dubai goodbye. “Au revior!”
He’s thinking: “There’s something so sexy about this woman. It’s like she wants me but she don’t need me.”
This subconscious thought from a man is what you want! It’s subtly letting him know that you have options and he’d be missing out if he were to pass you up. You refuse to “cheapen” yourself just to be seen with him.
Next, know how to have fun. Encourage an enjoyable time, positive environment and laughter. Let your hair down. Enjoy his company as he enjoys yours as well! Be his little slice of heaven on Earth.
He’s thinking: “Such a breath of fresh air. I get so tired of being serious and business-y all the time. It’s good to have someone I can just be myself with!”
Demand respect. Look, all men will test your boundaries but it’s something about wealthy and powerful men… they need to be “humbled”, so to speak and the best way I’ve learned to demand respect is to go silent and stare just for a moment showing no emotion… then, excuse yourself. Yes… as in get up and leave. He’ll get the message. If he’s an upstanding guy that made a “mistake” (more like “he tried it, sis!), he’ll call and apologize. If he’s an arrogant asshole, he’ll honestly sit at home waiting for you to call. The audacity! Never give him the satisfaction. Move on! There’s so many more wealthy men out here. Take a minute to get your head back in the game if this happens!

(The upstanding guy) is thinking: “Yeah I can’t play with oh girl like that. I really f**ked up!” (We don’t care what the jackhole is thinking.) And there’s no compromising on demanding your respect ladies. Don’t be fooled. There are men who test you to see how far they can take their disrespect… this is a crucial step and could equate to the difference of him throwing $100 at you here and there and your name being on all of his accounts. There’s levels. So please be top level! That’s the goal here.
Be a proponent of friendship first. Because everybody else only wants his money. But you… you’re different. You’re so amazing… so vibrant… so radiant… so authentic but you adamantly want to start as “friends”. (Wink) Besides, you’ve got your own bread, you don’t “need” his. He’s thinking: “Me? Friend zoned? I have $XXX,XXX in just one bank account. How Sway? How? Nah. Something got to shake!”
Next thing you know… more gifts, more dates, more trips, more time. You’re meeting the parents, extended family and kids. He’s asking your opinion on a contract, project, idea or deal he’s currently working on and he’s bringing you along on business trips as a reminder of how lucky he is to have you.
But how did we even meet this man? Where did we even bump into him? Wherever the wealthy in your city or town hang, that’s where! Great avenues for bagging you a man worth a milli or 2 or 3 is at political functions, major and/or professional sporting events, joining civic or special interest organizations like city/county/state/national leagues and sororities, visiting the golf driving range, and/or at a charity event.
And if during one of these steps, it seems like he’s losing interest- keep your cool. No matter how much bread he has, you’re still the prize. Because wealthy or not, men, mature men, want to be taken care of into old age by someone special. And you’re special AND in demand… so if one deep pocket, well endowed brotha doesn’t put a ring on it… another will! If one flies off your hook or shows signs of only wanting your “draws”, excuse yourself from his life. He’s no longer allowed access to enjoy your positive, feminine aura. Besides, if you implement these steps correctly, he’ll come back. They always do… but if he doesn’t, you’re a lot better off without him. Who could pass up this quality specimen like yourself? Bye!So now that we know how to get you a wealthy man, let’s focus on the “love birds” in the room… those who’ve already formed a love connection with a long-term special someone despite his bank account. Click here for Lesson 2: How to make YOUR man wealthy!

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