Strawberry Full Moon Ripening Your Desires

From planting seeds to feasting under June's Strawberry Full Moon

The last Super Moon of the year is happening June 14, 2022 and it’s a Strawberry Super Moon. June’s strawberry full moon is simply a phase in the stars but spiritually speaking, this moon just before Summer signifies the blooming of the seeds planted during the new year. This moon will be falling under the zodiac sign of the Sagittarius. This is the time to trust that the work you’ve put in is sufficient. There is nothing else to do but to allow alignment to take place. However, if you’ve been neglectful to your work, this strawberry full moon may result in an upheaval of your crops.

Fire Signs ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius )

The stars aligned perfectly when you set your intentions a few months ago. The energy here is beautiful. You didn’t start anything new but you made changes to your current situation and stuck to the plan. You worked hard and you will soon see that the Universe worked even harder for you. A large part of your system was evaluating what worked and what didn’t. You’ve been seeing the benefits of your labor but it’s nothing compared to the reward that’s coming ahead. You’ll be truly fulfilled with the money and opportunities coming in. Remember that everyone watching is not rooting for you. There is some jealousy lurking around and I wouldn’t be surprised if you find it’s in your inner crowd. But no worries! Negative energy can’t stop your blaze.

Aries: This Summer will be a highly successful time. Don’t forget to have fun as the blessing reign in. You may find you intuition heightened or it may seem that your hearing your inner voice louder than before. It’s important that you listen as this voice is your higher self guiding you.

Leo: You’ve been more focused on how you handle things emotionally. Some of you may have worked on healing past traumas and relationships. You’re going to notice the positive changes in your own emotional body this Summer. This may not be the monetary reward you’re looking for but it’s necessary in order to move forward with a well and healthy life. The money will follow.

Sagittarius: June’s Strawberry full Moon is truly meant for you. I mean, it is settling in your zodiac sign. Working at night when everyone is sleeping is really standing out. This can also be a sign of you moving in silence. Either way, the world (or everyone around you) is about to see what you’re truly made of. You won’t even realize it’s being showcased.

Water Signs ( Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio )

When it comes to the water signs of the zodiac, one thing is certain and that is how easily you all can give up. Many of you were either hoping to fall in love with the right person or restructure your current love life. The universe told you, you can have whatever you wanted and because you haven’t seen the success overnight, you’re throwing in the towel. June’s Strawberry full moon is turning what you saw as a loss into a major win. The cosmos are warning you to not overthink it when you’re being swept off your feet by this new love. Instead, focus on enjoying the process and movie-like Summer dates.

Pisces: I know you’re used to the single life. You believe you can’t find what you’re looking for but your prize is right in front of you. We know you’re tired and scared because of how dating went for you in the past. It’s time to give this person a chance and believe they can truly check off everything on the list of what your looking for .

Cancer: You went down a well of promiscuity and maybe you needed this. Nurturing others allows you to tap into your natural motherly skills. You have an instinct and ability for healing those who may not know they need to be healed. It’s time to pull it back before you lose yourself. You’re meant to use your power in a more delicate way.

Scorpio: All the Scorpio ever wants is someone who can handle their watery and fiery blend of energy. There has been a longing from you to experience a hot romance but it’s time to commit yourself fully. Prepare to receive what you’re looking for but you will have to decide if you’re willing to adapt to commitment if you want to keep it.

Air Signs ( Aquarius, Gemini, Libra )

Going off the grid to find balance in your life after everything you’ve experience last year was a great idea. You even received gifts from the universe for doing so. Dark times have really proven that you’re a powerful being. You’ve had your hands in many bags, just learning what you like and you’re starting to see some of your recipes stick. This is confirmation that it’s time to move on to something new. Working in an area that is more fulfilling will make you a money magnet but it’s going to take some courage. Can you walk away from the past to a new beginning even if you’re not sure what the future holds? Your power is in creation. Create the outcome you’re looking for.

Aquarius: Of the entire zodiac, this new season is going to be the hardest for you. There has been a tower moment that you’ve been avoiding because you don’t trust yourself. You’ve been working hard in the career department but you’re love life is blocking your blessings.

Gemini: You’ve been diligent with your steps. You place your desires in the universe and truly let them go. They are on their way back to you in full bloom. Prepare to celebrate this Summer. You’ll also have enough funds to spoil yourself and your loved ones.

Libra: The Libra’s are coming out of their shells and it’s a good look. After spending your time focusing on healing you’re feeling brand new. You always place yourself on the backburner for others. It’s time to be the star of the show.

Earth Signs ( Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo )

The new year kicked off in a trying space for the earth signs. Many of you weren’t sure how to move forward with your endeavors and was feeling burdened by having to make decisions. Once you realized that you were in charge of your destiny, a change started to happen within you. This has allowed you to gain clarity on what is next in life for you. Now that you have a plan in hand and are taking leadership over your life, things are going to move pretty fast.

Capricorn: Call it off the grid if you’d like but the truth is, you’ve been hiding. When you feel unaccomplished (which you’re not) you tend to go in hermit mode to figure it out. Your confidence lies in your accomplishments and this Summer you’ll be popping out with the best of them. This is not an area unfamiliar to the GOAT. It’s back to the top for you.

Taurus: When it comes to being strong or displaying strength for others, the Taurus is always right on time. In this season, you’ll have to be strong for yourself. You’re embarking on adventures and the support circle you’re used to may not see the vision as plainly as you. Being your own backbone and relying on your higher source is going to get you through this upcoming season. Your true tribe is on their way to you.

Virgo: What are you holding on to that you need to let go of? That’s a question you should ask yourself so that you can enjoy the abundant crop field ahead. Utilize this Strawberry Full Moon to release the baggage. Make a list of the unwanted aspects and burn it under the full moon. The intention is the most important part so make sure your heart is in it.

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