Soulmates, Twin Flames & Karmic Connections: WTF is going on with my love life?


There’s a few new terms floating around in regards to romance, love and relationships. And let me just add, a bitch is not OK! If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering who was what (if anyone was anything) in your life. Have you met your Soulmate? Are you currently in a Twin Flame or Karmic union? What exactly does all of this mean? Sis, calm down. We’re not going to let a few words thrown around on Twitter cause us to lose our queen. I know you’re probably wondering; Should I even feed into this shit? The answer is, yes! It’s all real, it’s beyond you (God’s plan) and it’s all happening for a reason. I’m no love expert but I’ve done the research, I’ve read the books, shown up to the great Google Academy and the infamous YouTube University. Now, without further ado, lets unpack our love lives, shall we?


The Soulmate

Unlike the Karmic Union, identifying your soulmate may take a little time. This union is not hot and heavy or intense at first. It’s happens gradually over time and it’s pretty subtle. However, you feel comfortable around this person early on and you may not understand why. The two of you share many common interests, life values and have very similar personalities. Even if they aren’t your type, you’re drawn to their physical appearance in a magnetic way. You may find them finishing your sentences and it feels as though they can read your mind. Its almost like they’ve known you for several lives and that’s because, they have.

The soulmate connection, like the others, are established prior to you being born. That’s right, you’ve either loved this person in a previous lifetime or the stars decided long ago that you two would share experiences at some point in life. If you’re thinking ”this sounds like a few people I’ve encountered,” that is very possible. You will meet a number of soulmates throughout your life. In fact, your soulmates can be a family member, a friend, or a romantic partner. These union have the potential of lasting a lifetime because disagreements between you two won’t last long. There will always be a healthy medium between you two because… you respect each other.


Karmic Love

The root word in Karmic is Karm, as in Karma. Let that sink in, ladies. Many of us become apart of Karmic unions and we remain in them way longer than we should. I mean, long past the lessons they’re meant to teach us. These relationships are intense in all aspects. When things are good, they’re beautiful but when things are bad, they are incredible ugly. And the next ugly situation is never far since the communication between you two are seemingly not progressive. The communication is stagnant and it just lacks. The Karmic relationship is a soul tie. This is a person you’ve been doing the dance of love with for centuries. This relationship will teach you what you do and don’t want out of life and a partner.

Karmic relationships are supposed to show you the work that is needed within. However, no matter how much damage is done in the relationship, letting go can be hard for both parties. The main ways to identify a Karmic relationship: It seems you can effectively communicate with everyone but them. The relationship feels extremely ”one-sided.” You live in constant fear of when or how it will end because deep down, you know it will. If you’re in or just exited a Karmic relationship, be sure to take the time you need to yourself. Rushing into the next romance before truly healing can lead to another toxic and unhealthy relationship.


Twin Flames

There are sources that says everyone has a Twin Flame somewhere out there and some says it’s not that common. The Twin Flame relationship is the most sought after since the person you’re with is the other half of yourself. Prior to birth, the souls literally divide in half. You’ve probably seen visions of this person, felt them in your spirit or had dreams of them before you met them. Meeting them feels like an encounter you’ve had before. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with them because you feel like you have always been in love with them. This relationship is all about mirroring so if you haven’t learned of your traumas or insecurities, your partner will draw them out. Causing this relationship to be a mentally and emotionally exhausting one.

However, each of your can work through your traumas and insecurities making the relationship your safe place. Once healed, this relationship can be described as perfect because the self-love you exude is mirrored back to you. It’s like having someone who loves you the same way you love yourself. And who doesn’t want that? How do you know if you’re in a Twin Flame relationship: Your insecurities and doubts are amplified. You compliment each other and everyone can see your connection. They feel magnetic. The connection feels divine.

I hope this sorts things out for you. Stay tuned for additional related articles. But in the meantime, have any of you healed from a Karmic relationship or found your Twin Flame? Chime in, in the comments.

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