New Moon in Virgo: Practicality Never Looked So Good

Affirmations to use during the upcoming New Moon in Virgo.

Virgo energy is running rampant right now with both the Sun and Moon being in Virgo starting tomorrow for the upcoming New Moon. We all know that New Moon is all about setting intentions and manifesting certain things you want for the next two weeks. Two weeks ago, we had a full moon in Aries and you should have already done the release work and been strategic about your moves for the last two weeks. At this point, it is all about manifesting some dopeness with ALL the Virgo energy.

Virgos are known for their dedication, attention to detail, organization, straightforward verbiage, and practicality. With that said, expect this moon to bring out the best in you – even if it feels like too much. Sit alone and learn to be one with self (a big Virgo trait) and truly think deep about what it is you need to working towards and setting intentions for. Want to get the MOST out of this New Moon in Virgo? Here is how to set intentions for these top Virgo traits in your own life – regardless of your sign.

Virgo Traits to Manifest this New Moon


Have you been feeling like you just don’t know where to start, how to start, or when to start WHATEVER? If the answer is yes, this new moon you need to set intentions on being more practical. Begin to visualize yourself actually getting things done so you can know what you look like in that light. Let your affirmation starting tomorrow be “I get things done correctly the first time”.


Speak your mind. It is hard to be forthright in a lot of cases for a lot of people and of this is you, I advise you work on simply speaking your mind. The best way to be honest is to get straight to the point. Do not beat around the bush or sugarcoat it. Set intentions on being more forthright. Do throat chakra exercises and meditations. Let your affirmation starting tomorrow be “I speak eloquently and directly”.


Feeling a little overwhelmed in multiple aspects of your life? This is because you are unorganized. Having systems helps in not only business, but home and personal life. Set a schedule that is realistic for you and actually LIVE it. Make a routine and use the next two weeks making it a habit. You will feel better. Let your affirmation starting tomorrow be “My life is organized and on track to greatness.”

Attention to Detail

It is on thing to get things done, it is another to get things done like a Virgo. Plan ahead and view all pieces at least three times. Make sure everything is in the order you would like it. Set intentions on being more detail-oriented and energized (you will need it for the Virgo brain power). Let your affirmation starting tomorrow be “I make plans and execute them perfectly.”


Want to know why many Virgos are so organized, detailed, honest, and practical? Because they put themselves first and love being alone. Take some time and be one with yourself daily for the nest two weeks. Meditate and visualize your dreams. Set intentions to spend more time with yourself and caring for you. Let your affirmation starting tomorrow be “I enjoy my own company.”

I hope this gets you all ready for tomorrow’s New Moon in Virgo and what to expect. You can be great or fail miserably, but the choice is ultimately yours. My advice? Take note of that is being shared above because who can’t use some Virgo energy every now and again? I know I can.

What are your plans for the New Moon? Will you use any of the advice above? Let me know in the comments below.


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