New Moon in Gemini: What Spirit Animal Has a Message For You?

The moon has transitioned into Gemini and it’s forcing a reality check upon everyone…


The Electric Eel

Lately, you’ve been living in your head debating on your next move. Some of you have already initiated that thing you’ve been thinking about but somewhere along the lines, you’ve lost your confidence. Stop looking at the next person or who you think is your competition. You possess the power to take over the show and reign supreme over anyone in your way.


The Chameleon

Taurus, you’ve been wanting change in your life for some time now. You had no problem with the hibernation the pandemic forced upon the world because you’re always looking for a break. But, real time alone has taught you that you’re ready to reinvent yourself but you’re not quite sure how. This uncertainty is turning into procrastination. Your guides are saying to embody the spirit of the chameleon and blend in with the surroundings you want until you learn to stand out. Decide on the changes you want to make and act as if until your new habit has formed. Because, you are creatures of habit.


The Badger

Your confidence has been at an all time low, maybe due to changes in your relationships. Many of you have taken on a new life and still getting used to new roles and responsibilities. The road you’re walking is one you’ve been preparing for for along time. This is your time to be fearless and bold. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because you’re no rookie in your field. Move like the gifted sorcerer that you are.


The Scarab Beetle

Your filled with emotion, passion and MAGIC. Every time you sit alone your intuition speaks, it’s time you listen. During this new moon in Gemini, spirit wants you to learn to listen to your inner voice and use it as a guide. The first time it speaks because everything after that is just you in your head. You are going to lead yourself to the path of your destiny and a life you’re longing to live. Speaking of your head, your guides are also saying to move out of your head and into your body. While the mind is powerful, it’s been holding you back. Move into your body (voice, heart, soul, and feet). If you’ve been contemplating balancing your chakras, do so. Your magic is within.


The Porcupine

It’s time for the king of the jungle to come off of his throne and take lessons. The new moon in Gemini is forcing you to live in the reality that even you don’t know everything. Take on a beginners mindset and learn from others. This is going to expend your friendships and connections. Your current mindset is actually keeping you caged and not roaming freely like you think you are. Many of you aren’t sleeping well and may be dealing with stress. Release this false persona you’ve taken on and get real with yourself.


The Stag

You have so many ideas and you know they are all obtainable. But you’re waiting on the ”right time”. The Stag is telling you that the right time is whenever you take the leap. Lead the way, even though you fell the ground around you is a little shaky. Your spirit guides will make sure whatever path you choose is lit brightly. All roads are golden and all lights are green.


The Ant

You have been working on something creative and wearing many hats. The ant is saying “”job well done.” But its time to bring on a team and delegate. Too many moving parts for one person can cause a heavy load of stress. A team will get your empire built faster.


The Deer

It’s time for you to unleash your divine feminine power. You’re gifted with a healing touch and soothing presence. Your magic is there to heal yourself as well as those you naturally connect with. You’re also a magnet for your desires. Use your grace to open doors. Everything comes together with you and for you. You are the physical embodiment of harmony.


The Turtle

Your spirit guides are asking you to be patient. Many of you feel deprived of the fruit of your labor but if you count your blessings, you’ll see you have not. You’re measuring success based on where you want to be which is preventing you from enjoying the stage of your life that you’re currently in. Remember, you are the children of Jupiter, luck is always on your side. The turtle is reminding you that slow and steady wins the race.


The Wombat

Looks like the goat of the zodiac has been looking for comfort from everywhere but self. Capricorns are wrapping up trying times since Saturn exited. Its been a long and hard transition but you are still climbing the mountain. Spirit is saying to be more gentle with your new self. Get to know you and spend more time getting comfortable in your skin. This new phase of your life is going to require you to be grounded with the universe and yourself. Manifest self love into your life during this new moon in Gemini.


The Sandpiper

Why so serious Aquarius? It looks like a break and breath of fresh air is needed. You’ve been working hard trying to climb the later of your expectations. And your savings account is looking really pretty. Breakaway to spend time with friends and family. A spontaneous road trip would be just what the doctor ordered. Use some of those saved coins for an inexpensive self care weekend to gain a piece of mind.


The Elephant

Life has taught you many lessons but are you applying them to your current life situations? Your emotions has been leading you down a dark path. It’s natural for you to allow your feelings to take the lead but how have you benefited from that in the past? The elephant is saying to hone your wisdom. Journal during this new moon a timeline of events in your life. Remind yourself of ways you could have acted in a healthier and more emotionally sound manner. Take accountability and stop putting your failures off on others. A new found self awareness is your best friend.

Header Art by Rebecka Mills

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