New Moon In Gemini is Bringing Out Your Alter Ego

What new side will you be discovering?…


When it comes to your love life it’s time to do things a little different. You’re used to initiating things, moving fast through foreplay or skipping it altogether. Your fiery energy always takes over and sometimes it can even cause you to ”explode” quicker than you’d like. Try viewing sexual encounters as a slow dance. Don’t be afraid to be guided or even submissive. You’ll find yourself feeling safe and taken care of.


There’s a very freaky girl on the inside waiting to come out. She’s beautiful and exactly what your bedroom needs right now. You want to tap into her but you don’t feel comfortable with not knowing what responses you’ll receive. Spirit wants you to know that your sexuality is for you, the person you allow to witness it will not only receive it perfectly but encourage it. Find your soft space, harness your most feminine side and let her play.


Gemini’s are no stranger to their alter-ego’s. You are coming into a season that requires you to give more of yourself in love. Your wild side walks into the bedroom before you do. Give her a rest and engage in sex that is deep and meaningful. Basically, stop running from the love-making your heart truly desires. Kissing isn’t just for arousing one another, it can be used as an expressive love language. This week, focus on long, steamy, high emotional sexual encounters.


Cancer, you have a secret sex life that your partner has no clue of. It’s called ‘Me time’ and is filled with 101 ways you love to pleasure yourself, kinks you hide and X-rated thoughts that only you know of. Keeping this side of your sexuality to yourself gives you comfort. If your guy doesn’t get you to the top of the mountain, you know you can. You also like giving off that ”good-girl” vibe while knowing deep down that you hold the key to crazy orgasms. It’s time to invite your partner into this space. You’re already the girl of his dreams, turning up the freak will only seal the deal.


It’s been really loud in your bedroom but is it just as pleasurable? We all know the Leo will talk it’s shit from beginning to end but, have you been listening? This may not be an altered ego you identify with, it’s called being the student for a change. When was the last time you listened to what your partner wanted in the bedroom? It’s time to ask and dedicate a performance to them, now.


You’ve been leveling up so much and you’ve discovered a side of yourself that you’d like to share. This is a very spiritual side of you that is new and you are making space for it to stay. You’re beginning to see sex differently and want to use it for it’s godly or ritualistic elements. This is the perfect time as the dualistic energy of the Gemini will not only provide you with a boost of confidence but help you to further discover this new part of you.


Someone has their mind on their business or their head in a book. You are known to jump on the fun train and if a hot encounter comes with that, you’re not one to say no, even if that means putting the work on hold for a moment. There is something you have your mind on and your attention can’t be divided. This is good. Remain focused on this project, you’ll be back to yourself before you know it, with more reasons to celebrate.


Normally, the submissive type, this new energy is asking you to step into a more dominant role. While you love to be chased and sought after, there could possibly be something gift-worthy if you decide to go after something or someone you want. If you see a handsome fella gazing your way or maybe one attracts your own trance, going over to simply say hello can open many doors. Including one to a new healthy, yet steamy sexual connection.


You girls are not overlooked in the dating world but when it comes to lovers you’re pretty particular. Most of you are not into hookup culture. You’d prefer to be courted by someone you can see a future with. Stick to your script but don’t be afraid to entertain a fella that’s not quite your type. You may find yourself in an intellectual conversation this week, don’t mistake it for business. This guy has his eye on you.


This energy is very similar to the advice for the Cancer. There’s a side of you that you so badly want to share. The difference between you and the Cancer is that you believe that holding back this gift is due to your partner not working hard enough for it. A person can’t work towards a goal that’s not on their list of accomplishing. You’ve got to let them know that it’s there. Pull out the passion and kink and you’ll notice them begging for more and doing whatever you want to keep it coming.


Your alter ego likes to play with the same sex or at least she’s considering it. If you’ve been thinking about shimmying through the swingers club to test the waters, don’t hesitate. This sexy environment will be just what you need to decided what you like and what you don’t. You can choose to satisfy yourself visually or jump in. Whatever you choose, commit to trusting what you feel when you take on this experience and go with the flow.


This zodiac crew loves to tap into their alter egos. Don’t worry, the cosmos did not leave you out of this one. You’re probably wondering what can you try that you haven’t tried yet. Have you ever considered monogamy? There’s someone in your life worthy of a side of you, you may not be willing to give right now. Don’t miss out on a good thing out of fear. Have the necessary conversations with this person and allow the wind to take you to a place filled with love. You won’t be disappointed.

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