New Moon in Cancer Horoscope

The moon has navigated to Cancer, causing emotions to stir. Lets see what advice the stars have for you.

You’ve been feeling a little ”off” about a friend in your circle. This person is jealous and you could feel the hate. You’ve been noticing the lack of excited or fake congratulations regarding your accomplishments. Stop waiting for the volcano to erupt to dismiss this foe. Normally, it doesn’t take long for you to exit false relationships. But, something about this connection is causing you to second guess this person. Rather this is a friend of twenty years or a new bestie you’ve trusted way too soon. They’re out to get the things you have and they’ll do anything just to see your world crumble around you. Including, make passes at your boo. OUCH!

Looks like the bull is living where the money resides! Taurus, this is your season. Everything is coming together for you in complete harmony. Whatever you were longing for (love, career, enlightenment) is here. And if you’re not experiencing it yet, don’t worry. It’s on the way. You’re feeling really good right now, so don’t waste that vibrancy. You know you can become complacent, easily. Continue working towards your goals and don’t be afraid to start something new or go after a new love interest. Everything you touch right now will turn to gold.

It’s not often that we find the Gemini at a crossroads with making a decision. You’ve been following your gut lately and you should be proud of yourself. There’s a decision you’ve made recently and you’re wondering if you made the right choice. Some of you are wanting to explain why you made the decision you made. Your answer is within you. Move in the direction of the energy of your higher self and you’ll know exactly what do next.

Learn to starve your distractions and feed your passion. Cancer, you’ve been overindulging, again. Neglecting your goals for scrolling social media, hanging out and other vices. This is causing you to compare your life to your piers and social media friends. You don’t have to be told to put this to an end because, you know it needs to be done. Structure will help. Write down a routine and set an alarm to make sure you’re not overdoing it with the many guilty pleasures of life. Remember, you don’t want this year to end without checking those goals off your list.

Crying over spilled milk, kitty? Lost a job, friend, lover? It’s time you look at the things you’ve been manifesting. You’ll see that the universe is removing that thing you’re whimpering over because you’ve asked for better. The sooner you accept that this is all the plan of the divine, the sooner you’ll be rewarded with your gift for the sacrifice. There is so much underway for you. Before you know it, you won’t even remember this heartache you’re experiencing. Pain is the birth of a new pleasure.

Just when you thought life was going great, you were thrown a curved ball. But is it really a curved ball? Virgo, we know you want it all, but it just doesn’t work like that all the time. Because of this, you’re hardening yourself. Building walls all around you and that’s not what this event was meant to do for you. It’s time to go within, pray and/or meditate. Look at this as a clearing of your path and keep your arms and heart open and you’ll encounter energies more like yourself. You’ve already attracted so much in your life. It’s a great time to move towards the vibrations you want in your life.

Libra, you’re allowing your insecurities to run your life, again. You’ve been feeling like your presence is a burden to friends and family and you’re letting those defense mechanisms run wild. It’s time you’ve reevaluated where you are mentally. The compassion you’re looking for from everyone else, you need to give yourself. Dive back into your spiritual journey and make sure you’re seeing your therapist often. Finding balance in your home and work life is key.

You’re on everyone’s ”To-Do” list and you’re enjoying the attention. But there’s someone trying really hard to get close to you and you’re questioning it. You want to give them a chance but something keeps telling you to keep moving. Keep it moving! It seems somethings off, because something is definitely off. This person isn’t being totally honest about who that are and they’re current circumstances. If you ignore the warning signs now, you’ll not only regret it later, but you’ll pay for it. I’m talking pregnant by a deadbeat or married to a scammer, type of energy.

Many of you are making more money than you ever have in your life. You have so much love in your inner circles and you’re attractive. Literally, attracting the things you want into your life. But you’re not seeing your life for what it is. Jupiter in retrograde has you wondering if you’re happy and do you have enough. These low vibrational thoughts are changing your karma and sending unwanted energy your way. Keep an eye on your vision board to remind yourself that you’re in the best season of your life.

Surprisingly, the goat is having a hard time making sense of everything. In order to obtain your goals, you have to gain clarity of what you really want. Then, make a plan and make it happen. Some of you are working on something that is larger than anything you’ve ever done and you’re intimidated. Admit it to yourself and get over it. Every step you take in the right direction is a step that counts. I know you haven’t given up but it’s time to apply that pressure that only the goat can apply. The path to success is a bright and sunny one.

The water bearer has been moving in silence and we’re not surprised. Aquarius, you’re the sneakiest of the zodiac. This time you’ve been making it count. Your manifestations are coming to life right before your eyes. You may be feeling this is a spell of short luck, but it’s not. This energy will be sticking around while Jupiter’s in your sign for the next few months. Don’t get lazy, and everything you put your magic into will blossom.

You’re looking for love in all the wrong places, that’s why you’re constantly getting disappointed. We know you want love but is it really the right time? Pisces are easily distracted. If you’ve been manifesting love and feeling your prayers are going unanswered, it’s because an important aspect of your life is going unattended to. Focus on making your life a life you love before bringing someone else into the picture. Until self love and satisfaction is intact, everyone you meet will fall short of what you’re really looking for.

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