Morgan & Yasha: Sexy, Bossed-Up and In Love

If you’re from New Orleans, you’ve probably partied with Morgan or seen Yasha’s face on a billboard or city bus. Morgan is a club promoter, founder of political organization, Bike N Vote, author and all around entrepreneur. Yasha is an attorney, paving the way for black women in law and assisting the community. The two are madly in love and are newly weds after getting married on February 22, 2022. Morgan and Yasha Clark – Walker are easily every NOLA natives favorite couple of the LGBTQ+ community. In honor of PRIDE month, we dug a little deeper into their love story.

HOB: How did you meet?

Yasha: We had been just “cool” for years. We have so many of the same friends!

Morgan: We’ve known each other since high school but we reconnected when Yasha moved back to New Orleans. She entered into the Miss Black USA contest and reached out to me to help organize a community event. 

When did you both realize you wanted to date the same sex and what was it like coming out to your families? 

Yasha:  I realized I wanted to date Morgan when we became close friends. I realized that I really liked her personality, I was so attracted to her and I had so much fun with her. It was easy coming out to my family. I was grown and they love who I love.

Morgan: I realized when I was 19, I began to explore my feelings for the same sex. It was more weird than tough because I was just being sneaky and lying about everything to my family. Once they finally just asked me, everything was on the table. It really changed everything for the better. They really supported me and love whoever loves me.

HOB: Of the two of you, who fell in love first?

Yasha:  I think Morgan fell in love first but she thinks I fell in love first. She definitely told me first but doesn’t remember because she doesn’t remember anything lol! But she definitely was tipsy one night hanging out with her friends… we were getting off the phone and she said “I love you” I was like.. “okay, bye!”

Morgan: I think I fell in love first but Yasha definitely made the first move.

HOB: How do you balance managing businesses and making time for each other? 

Yasha:  We bounce ideas off of each other and basically work together as a team.

Morgan: We don’t have any issues. We are organized individually and collectively, so we put everything on calendars and schedule a time for things that are important to us. We work together on almost every project. So far so good on our end.

 HOB: With both of you being attractive and established, do either of you ever feel like you have to take the backseat to the other?

Yasha:   I think we both support each other 100%. We naturally take backseats to each other with no problem. If something is about Morgan I congratulate and encourage her, show up for her and she does the same for me.

Morgan: Sometimes my social status seems to be way higher than hers but I love to make her the center of attention whenever I get the opportunity. I love all the attention to be on Yasha.

HOB: Why was it important to you to get married on the most magical day of 2022 and how did the idea come about? 

Yasha:  It was just perfect timing. We wanted to be married in 2022 and to stop pushing our date back for a perfect wedding. Morgan planned our wedding in like 15 minutes. It was perfect for me because the thought of wedding planning on top of working was giving me anxiety. We always talked about the date because Morgan always said she wanted to be married in two years (after she proposed to me). Our door code at our apartment was 2022 – our address was 221, so we always said that it would be our date.

Morgan: The number two is a very significant in our relationship. When we moved in together, our first condo number was 2022. We continuously seen the numbers on license plate and clocks. We just took it as a sign and we were truly ready to Take the next step.

HOB: Tell us something that most people don’t know about your relationship?

Yasha: We have been inseparable since the day we started dating. We have probably spent, at most, 30 days apart from each other in the past 3 years.

Morgan: Yasha is actually the bossy one. A lot of people think it’s me calling the shots but it’s actually her and really like being alone together, traveling and cuddling.

HOB: Describe your go to date night? 

Yasha: Dinner reservations + a chill bar.

Morgan: We love to eat at nice restaurants. We’d book a photographer and car service and have the perfect date night in NOLA

HOB: You both are positive contributors to the city of New Orleans; in what ways do you contribute to the LGBTQIA+ community?

Yasha:  We support and uplift the local LGBTQIA+ community in any way we possibly can.

Morgan: Just being positive representatives and proud of who we are. We also give back to the community and stand with them when we can.

HOB: Can we expect some babies in the future from you two?

Yasha: Of course, we love kids! We have six god-children.

Morgan: We are in talks of babies, for sure!

HOB: What advice would you give to children of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Yasha: My advice to all children is to be yourself and do what makes you happy! Stay in school, focus on your education and be great! 

Morgan: People will judge God if he was walking among us. Don’t fear anything. Do you! Love everyone and be a reflection of the good left in the world.

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