Married At First Sight New Orleans Predictions

I’ve been watching ‘Married At First Sight’ since season one. As a hopeless romantic, It’s just something about two total strangers getting married the second they lay eyes on each other and me rooting them on, holding a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine. Well, MAFS came to my hometown and maybe that added to the excitement that surrounded this season for me but I’m impressed at what the experts did with the matchmaking. I decided to come here and predict who will remain married and who will divorce. Grab your wine, this shall be fun…

Amelia & Bennett

I have to say, I’m in love with this couple. I was taken aback when Amelia got to the aisle and realized she had met Bennett before but hey, this is NOLA. Everyone knows New Orleans is tiny AF. Amelia and Bennett were introduced previously by a mutual friend. Bennett was crushing hard on Amelia but he was in a relationship at the time. Low and behold, who meets Bennett at the alter? Is this destiny or what!!!???? If there’s no one else on the planet who understands Bennett, Amelia does. They both were instantly attracted to each other, they share the same perspective on life and both are pretty free-spirited. With Amelia moving away for med’ school, the marriage is facing it’s first obstacle but something tells me the pair will prevail.

Will Amelia & Bennett agree to remain married at the end of season 11? I would have to say, YES!

Olivia & Brett

Olivia seems to be a really sweet girl that works hard and loves to play harder. Brett, on the other hand has been rubbing me the wrong way since the season started. The first red flag went up when he confirmed he was a serial dater. The last thing we need on MAFS is someone onboard for the wrong reason. He heavily flirted with everyone at the bachelor party from the guests to the dancers, major f*ck boy alert, OK! I mean, I know you don’t know your wife-to-be yet, but where’s your dignity, Brett? Fast forward to the honeymoon, the couple expressed how attracted they were to each other but I didn’t see the sparks. When Olivia popped the big question “How much money do you make?” You could see Brett’s ego shatter when he realized he couldn’t afford Olivia or help maintain her lifestyle. While Olivia is willing to work out the financial woes, I’m curious if Brett will put his whore-ish habits and ego aside for his new wife.

Will Olivia & Brett agree to remain married at the end of season 11? I have to say, NO!

Amani & Woody

These two are entertaining to watch. Amani and Woody are super attracted to each other, loves dancing together and Amani forgot how to shower alone when she married Woody. Every time we turned around sis was asking her new hubby if he wanted to shower. The chemistry was so thick, the other couples assumed the two consummated their marriage before they actually did. Although Amani is worried that the sparks wont last forever and we saw how opinionated Woody is when it comes to Amani’s physical appearance, I see longevity here.

Will Amani & Woody agree to remain married at the end of season 11? I have to say, YES!

Christina & Henry

*YAWNS* Where do I start? No sparks! Zero, zilch, none! I felt Christina’s backstory was a little sketchy and here we are post honeymoon, the couples are packing to move into their new joint spaces and Christina’s things were in her car. What happened to the CBD apartment she said she lived in? Or did she not want Henry to know where she lived because she doesn’t see a future with him? But can we really blame her? Has Henry even touched her at all during the season? Henry spent the entire honeymoon being a dud and was seemingly afraid of everything. No adventure at all on that ride.

Will Christina & Henry agree to remain married at the end of season 11? I have to say, NO!

Karen & Miles

Karen is a touch cookie and wanted a very masculine husband to compliment who she is. As we all saw, Karen stalked Miles social media accounts prior to the wedding, after the crew accidentally sent her bridesmaids his name. Karen felt Miles wasn’t her type but she went though with the wedding anyway. I have to admit, I saw exactly what the experts did when matching the two. Miles may be a little emotional, as Karen puts it but he seems to be a great guy. He wants the same things in love and life as Karen does but its obvious that Karen isn’t as attracted to Miles as he is to her. Although there are no sparks flying, I believe that Karen is learning to respect and appreciate the man that Miles is and I’m quite optimistic about the decision.

Will Karen & Miles agree to remain married at the end of season 11? I have to say, Yes!

Whats your thoughts? Who are you rooting for in season 11 of MAFS?

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  • I have to agree with you on all these! I love love love Bennet and Amelia they are my fave couple. Brett is an Asshole and Henry and Christina are a huge snooze fest. Im rooting for all of them but Idk how this will unfold for henry snd Christina and brett and olivia. I slso love amani and woody. I’m thinking Karen will open up more and her and Miles will have a great marriage.

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