Manifestation Journaling: Writing Your Way to Your Dream Reality

“Write it down and make it plain…” or whatever it was God told that dude. Thing is, we all have the power to manifest whatever we desire. I know, I know; you’ve heard this before way too many times from too many people and it’s getting old. The truth of the matter is, most people are saying this because it is true. You ever wonder why the people who inspire you the most talk about the Law of Attraction in some way, shape, form, or fashion? It is because they all have seen the effects of it – including myself. If you know me, you already know I am not one to talk about things I do not know about or have not experienced. Experience is the best teacher and I am a forever student (it’s the Gemini in me) so when there is a way to make my life better – I immediately at least try it. Let’s start from the top:

What is manifestation journaling?

Simply put, manifestation journaling is the art of writing down what you want in life in a way that you already have it so you can get it. The power of the tongue is serious, and writing things down is equivalent to (reading) speaking it 7 times. So imagine the power you can possess if you gave yourself 5 minutes a day to make your dreams come true? Yeah, it would be just that powerful.

So what exactly am I writing?

Whatever you want – literally. I always say start small by writing out how you want your day to go. Be detailed, be specific, be realistic. You don’t have to be farfetched at all, just write out what you want to accomplish that day and watch it unfold. You can do this by the day, month, year, even for specific goals – just make sure you return and see what actually came true for you. A lot of times we are caught up in the moment, we miss when the Universe answers our demands.

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Choose a journal and pen specifically for your manifestation journaling. This is imperative. You do not want to jump from book to book. This journal is special, just like your dreams, and should be treated as such.
  2. Put positive intentions in the journal and pen. This is a simple, yet also imperative, step. Hold the pen and book and say some variation of “This pen/book is powerful. Everything I write with this pen and in this book comes to fruition.”
  3. Believe in yourself and your power. The Universe cannot determine a joke from a serious statement. If you think negative, you will get negative. Stay positive, stay aware, and stay believing you can have whatever you write in that book.
  4. Clear your mind, calm yourself, and begin writing. If you like, set the mood and have a designated area. Even if I do not sit and journal in the same space, I like to at least keep the elements around while mediating and journaling (earth, air, fire, water). I will have a white candle burning, a crystal or smudge bundle, cup of water – air just exists.
  5. Be grateful – ALWAYS! When writing your sentences, write them as if they have already happened and showing gratitude that it did happen. For example, “I am so grateful I had such a peace-filled day. It always makes me happy when things work out in my favor. Thank you for the daily abundance I receive.” If you don’t show thanks for what you have, you can’t receive more. The Universe likes to know you appreciate where you are so you can get to where you want to be. I learned this one the hard way but once I started doing it – MAGICAL!
  6. Revisit your journal and reflect on the outcome. Most times, you will see your words come true. Sometimes, you will see they didn’t – this is the time to replay your day and see why it didn’t. Was it something you did, said, thought? Any doubt at all, and you will throw it all off. Remember, everything happens for a reason and the right reason.

Journaling is one way I have made all kinds of wants come to life. It’s a good way to have a moment to yourself to be quiet and sit with your thoughts. Learn what is most important to you and making things come to life. Have you tried journaling? What have you made come to life by simply writing and believing? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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