Living La Vida Lori: How to date like a badass

Lori Harvey has made one thing very clear, she does NOT settle. And like most Capricorn women, she does NOT like her time wasted. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lori Harvey is the fine ass daughter of Marjorie and Steve Harvey. Clearly, she’s taken a page or two from her father’s popular book “Act like a lady, think like a man” because Lori is mostly known for her long list of fine and wealthy men and she navigates from one relationship to the next gracefully. No nasty publicity, shared text messages or sex scandals blasted. We can a learn a thing or two from Lori but let’s get into her dating history. I must say, the last few years alone is quite impressive.

We all remember Lori sporting that rock on her ring finger back in 2017 and Steve announcing her engagement to football player Memphis Depay. Later that year, Lori was spotted without her ring and booed up with Trey Songz. Shortly after her split from Trigga Trey, Hot Girl Lori was spotted making out with Lewis Hamilton, a British racer and fashion designer. And then there was the Justin and Diddy Combs thing. From dating the son to having a hot romance that included luxe vacations with the dad. The internet was in a frenzy.

Now, if nothing else, that gave us a bird’s eye view into Lori’s mentality when it comes to dating. Simply, on to the next, no feelings for my ex. Lori was sitting pool side, mask off with Future when the spark went out with Diddy. The two seemed to really hit it off until Lori decided they didn’t anymore and then she posted a close up with her and every woman’s crush, Micheal f#cking B. Jordan. Whew!

Lori is only 24 years old but the technique she posses while flipping through these n*ggas is one that most don’t learn until they’re 40. So, let’s go ahead and give Marjorie her credit because we know exactly where the game came from. So here are four lessons Lori Harvey has taught us on dating…

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It’s cool if you are in heavy like with a guy and you put your old hoes on the back burner, but don’t fully invest into a relationship so quick. Don’t start turning down every qualified bachelor because you’ve decided to be someone’s girlfriend. If you aren’t his wife, you are still single. Don’t be so quick to take yourself off of the market.

Know what you want and walk away from anything that isn’t that

The honeymoon phase is always perfect and everything we could ever ask for until the newness wears off and the true colors start to come out. If you no longer like what you see, don’t try to fix it because you simply can’t. Just grab your pocketbook and walk away.

No One Is Off Limits

We’ve all said it before “If only I’d met the friend first.” Or in Lori’s case, the dad. If you walk into your boo’s circle of friends and realize that you’ve gotten with the wrong friend, switch them n*ggas out! Or the daddy, or uncle, or grandfather. Sometimes your boo was placed in front of you so that he could introduce you to your man.

Always Level Up

Just like anything else in life, when playing the game make sure your next play is always better than the last. That’s it, no explanation needed here.

Tell us, how are y’all feeling about Madam Lori Harvey?

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