Ladies, We’re Shooting Our Shot All 2020 And Here’s Why

I was recently chatting with a girl friend of mine when she told me that she was tired of being single and spending the holidays alone. I know it’s been a few years since she actually took anyone serious and I’ve watched her wine-filled late night insta stories and thought to myself “whew chile, I’m tired of you being single too”. I mean, It’s been a few years since her last guy and I couldn’t help but wonder whats keeping her on the market. If you ask me, I’d say she’s quite the catch. After probing during girl talk I found that there wasn’t a lack of interested men but a bunch of men who are possibly too intimidated by my friend to approach her. I know what you’re thinking, ” any guy intimated by me is not the guy for me.” Well, times have changed and if you want out of the single life maybe it’s time you take the first steps.

It’s 2020 and women have come along way over the decades. We’re embracing and owning who we are, we’re CEO’s and business owners, we’re making our own money and flying our own asses out of the country all while being beautiful and looking fine as hell. This a long with many other things can be a lot for a guy to approach. Just think about it, you’re leaving brunch with your girls and you decide to stop at a local sports bar (because we make time for mingling when we’re single). You walk in wearing the best outfit you could pull out of your closet, fresh mani / pedi combo, and a designer bag. “Sir, you have nothing to offer me.” is written all over your face and you don’t even know it. That can be intimidating for even the most eligible guy. How many times have you walked into a room and laid eyes on the perfect guy and noticed he even looked your way a few times? Only to leave in regret that you didn’t at least say hello. Ladies, there’s no room for this in 2020.


Shooting your shot doesn’t require having great lines or a whole lot of game when you’re a woman, that’s the perks you want to take advantage of. Simply saying hello, introducing yourself and extending your hand for a shake is a great starter. If you feel comfortable (or you’re experiencing a wave of cosmopolitan courage) keep the conversation going and ask your new prospect where he’s from. Sending a drink to his table is a great idea, just make sure he came alone, without a lady that is. If you’ve played eye tango with a guy all during happy hour, sliding him your number while heading out is an easy way to avoid awkwardness and if you need to get your feet wet because these steps are a bit overwhelming for you, a smile from across the room can go a long way.

Approaching men that spark your interest will yield better results in your dating life. Unlike guys, we’re not just approaching because he’s only attractive. You’ve actually studied him in the short time you’ve been in his presence. You’ve watched how he’s interacting with the people around him, his demeanor, how he eats… you like him. It’s time to start saying hello and starting those conversations, you never know where it’ll take you.

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