How to slay like Rihanna: The Bad Gal Style Breakdown

A bad bitch once said…


From the moment Rihanna stepped on to the pop scene in 2005, she served fans nothing but looks. From her badass music videos, to street appearances, to curating iconic runway shows. The good sis has never let us down. Every girl has taken a page out of Rihanna’s style book, whether she’d like to admit it or not. Today, we’ll breakdown some of Riri’s go-to looks. And we even have the details on the designer of one of the Bad gal’s favorite accessories…

Step One: Buy the unique glasses when you see them and don’t be afraid to rock them indoors or even at night. Rihanna loves a good pair of shades. She loves them in bright colors and odd shapes. Maybe she’s covering bloodshot eyes after hitting the Maryjane, but she always look super fab in them. And that’s all that counts, right? Right!

Step Two: Throw your bras away, they’re not welcomed in this style guide. We’ve all watched Rihanna’s body fluctuate as women bodies tend to do. But no matter what shape Rihanna’s sporting, sis is not wearing a bra. Rihanna is big on body positivity. She loves the shape of her breast and she not afraid to give a whole lotta nipple action. It’s the carefree, bad ass, femininity for me.

Step Three: Fall in love with monochromatic feels. Rihanna knows that if you want to make a statement without having to overthink it, wear the same color from head to toe. It’s easy yet, bold! And everyone that looks your way will think you’re a fashion expert for doing it when it actually took no effort at all. Rihanna does this with her suits when she wants to give a business savvy vibe and with sweats on her grocery store runs.

Step Four: It’s all about the disco! Rihanna may be an 80s baby but she loves to dress in 1970’s trends. We can always tell when Rihanna just want to have fun with her look because she takes on the bright patterns, sequins and furs of the retro area.

Step Five: Say yes, to the suits but make them untraditional. When Riri does business she wears a suit as a boss should, but she adds her own flare. She chooses styles that are oversized, which always looks amazing on her petite figure. She also loves a good print and some sparkle. And she never wears a shirt underneath.

Step Six: Last, but absolutely not least, Rihanna’s favorite accessory- the fur hat. We’ve seen Riri rock the fur hat in every season and in every color. It’s fur, it’s retro, it’s so her vibe. We know you want to add this look to your collection of bad gal must haves, so we tracked down the designers details. The hats comes in a few styles, many colors, and range from $300 to $600 in price. And with all the copy cat brands around that don’t compare to the real thing, I’d say it’s worth that pretty penny. Shop Rihanna’s favorite accessory here.

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