Glowing Up (Financially) thanks to “The Rona”

  • Author: Ayanna Fultz

So we’re locked away in our homes… mostly glued to our computers either for work, school, bingeshopping or just because there’s nothing else better to do. Hell, I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing people tell us what we “should” (insert eye roll here) be doing with our corona-cation time… and now what we should be doing with our stimulus checks. Pah-lease!

But honestly, the time is ripe for a major financial “glow up”. When else will the entire world be put on pause for an extended amount of time? Uhh, like never again in our lifetime most likely. So there is some reliability in the suggestion of prioritizing our own progress and here’s some ideas:

First thing’s first: Get your Beauty Sleep, Sis!

I think it was the year 2016 when I decided that I no longer was going to allow anyone to make me feel like a slacker for enjoying my self care and nap time. That “no sleep” mantra is played out. A b*tch is “TIED” because a b*tch works “HAWD”… so a b*tch will sleep and I suggest you get your z’s in as well. How else are we supposed to accomplish goals without rest anyway? It’s been proven to boost the immune system too. Double positive!

Buy a Home

Wow! That was a big jump. ? Well, because I’m a full time Realtor, it’s my job to keep my ear to the streets as it concerns finance and market trends. Currently, even though the stock market is pretty volatile, rates are still low for buyers looking to purchase property. There’s a steady amount of inventory although some sellers experienced a bit of cold feet in the start of city/state-wide lockdowns and pulled their homes from the market. But if you aren’t ready to buy (or sell) just yet, now’s still a great time to peep your credit score, pay down debts and address any reporting issues on your credit bureau profiles. Don’t know where to start? Reach out to your preferred real estate professional. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Further your Education

So it’s bragging time! ? My HBCU, THEE Jackson State University, is not only waving SAT and ACT score for incoming students but they are also waving out of state fees. So if you’ve been meaning to finish your degree (or start a new educational journey), you may want to enroll! There are a number of 100% online programs; perfect for distance learning. This may also be a great time to get that licensure or certification you’ve been meaning to pursue as well. For many careers, the more degrees, certifications (AND experience)… the better. Let’s invest in ourselves!

Learn or Perfect a Skill

Y’all, since all this “shelter in place” talk has been a thing, I’ve become one of “YouTube

University”’s Star Students. Since I’m always trying to learn new things especially in the areas of budgeting and finance, I’ve nearly watched every video on the Budgetnista’s channel. She’s #BlackGirlMagic materialized and she makes learning about your pocketbook fun!

More things that I plan to learn are: (1) How to better do my makeup, (2) How to cornrow my own hair, (3) How to do crochet braids, (4) How to get rid of cellulite/stretch marks ?, and (5) How to apply a lace wig. I promise when I emerge from this place I’ll be B-E-A-T from head to tippy toe!

Start a Business or Get a Side Hustle

InstaCart is hiring! So is Amazon and Uber Eats and as you can imagine… these services are in high demand. Many people are pulling out their cloth and sewing machines to sew then sell the now coveted face masks. Figure out what’s in demand and hop to it. Let’s stack!

But above all stay safe and stay healthy! That’s priority! If you’re anything like me, in the past few weeks you’ve lost a number of friends to this horrible virus. Well, I wrote this article in memory of them. They’re rooting for us from above and we owe it to them to keep their memories alive by living out our own God-given purpose. ?

Resources for those effected by the pandemic

Apply for unemployment:

Apply for SNAP Benefits:

COVID-19 SBA Loan Link:

Resources for Gig & Hospitality Workers:

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