Four Women Sum’s Up The Single Life and It’s Power

Updated: Feb 17

There’s something incredibly powerful about being a single woman that’s truly worth embracing. Moving to the beat of your own drum, choosing who you’d like to spend your time with, having options. While our grandparents thought having a man determined a woman’s worth, we’ve proven to be far more worthy on our own. Valentines Day came and went with National Singles Awareness Day to follow and we caught up with four bossy singles who celebrated self and freedom for both national holidays. We asked them all ” What is your power as a single woman and how are you applying it to your dating life?” Here’s what they had to say…

Ayrion Miller 29, Pastry Chef

As a woman today, not just a single woman, it has been my goal to truly understand my worth and my power. We live in a society that sometimes doesn’t recognize the power and the beauty of being a single woman and all that we offer to the world. I am a single millennial woman, but I am also a mom, an entrepreneur, a dancer, and these are just a few of the things that make up my being. Most times dating comes second or third to that, and that’s OK! I find power in being OK with being single. I find power in loving on myself. Knowing your worth is extremely important when dating. This entails knowing how precious and valuable your time is and choosing wisely who to share it with. Dating can be quite tricky in this “millennial” world but I try to focus my energy into being my beautiful whole self and I believe from that something beautiful will someday come. In God’s time.

Shanice Dugue 27, Parking Enforcement Officer

My power as a “SINGLE WOMEN” is realizing my worth, knowing exactly what I want from my partner and out of life, enjoying my time alone (I’ve become selfish with my time) and meeting new people. The time I’ve spent alone, I learned a lot about myself and to my surprise, I discovered a lot of my strengths I had no idea I had, which I love. In this day and age knowing what I want helps me weed out people…that way I’m not wasting my time (the first conversation let’s me know if I’ll continue or not)! ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE

Victoria Bush 29, Nursing Assistant

I’m single at the moment so I can accomplish my goals and work on a better me. I apply it to dating because I wanna be able to work on our goals together when dating. You can’t expect a full meal at the table if you can’t bring it as well. I believe sometimes we want things, but are we able to give the same in return….

Chelsea Morgan 31, Musician

I’m newly single, about a year now. I thought that after being in a relationship for eleven years I’d find it hard to be alone and on my own… I was wrong. Being single has made me step my game up. Where I was once able to rely on another human being I now rely on myself. Sounds scary to some but I love it this way. I have yet to let myself down. My power as a single woman is being able to be picky, being able to say “No” when I feel like it and putting my phone on DND and taking a hiatus for however long I choose. I think we call it “Self-Care” these days. I also love experiencing intimacy with whom I wish and on my own terms. Sometimes, I follow up after and sometimes I don’t. I feel incredibly powerful as a single woman.

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