Fashionista Friday with Samjah Iman

Yes! It’s Fashion First Friday, a segment we’re bringing to you to highlight some of our favorite stylish #Colorfulgirls. We caught up with Samjah Iman, a stylish NOLA girl from Monroe, Louisiana. Well known as the professional poser and style guru. Sam talks growing up around style, her favorite pieces, and the perks of choosing fashion as a business.

Who is Samjah Iman?

I am a flower child, an apprentice of life, a style enthusiast, a writer, and a soul who is constantly evolving. I love burning candles, listening to neo-soul, riding bikes, advocating for black people, and being with loved ones. I adore everything 90’s. And I strongly believe in God (she’s phenomenal!), tea tree oil, and aloe vera.

Tell us about your favorite style to wear?

My style is simple with a classic flair. Classic will never go out of style, and I try to incorporate it in most of my looks. With that said, there is nothing more fly to me than a good pair of distressed jeans, an oversized blazer or leather jacket, a tank top or crop top, and some pop color, pointy heels or some edgy, leather boots. Of course, a vintage designer handbag will complete the outfit. I can’t get enough of those!

We are in love with your collection of vintage designer bags. Were they a lucky find or gifted to you?

I hunt vintage bags like nobody’s business! Vintage designer bags have more character in my opinion. I most certainly love a new designer bag, but the vintage ones tell a story. I often wonder who had the bag before me, what type of stylish life they lived, and how they rocked the bag. I also like the fact that vintage designer bags are limited. They are unique. They also are cheaper than the ones from the store. So not only am I making classic, fashionable choices, I’m making cost-effective ones too!

Who inspires you in style?

I was raised by a stylish mother, grandmother, and stylish aunties. My father even loved style at one point in his life. I grew up seeing my aunts pop their collar, my mother rock red, leather pants, my grandmother don a fur coat on top of a cashmere suit, and my father stride in some Ostrich boots. So it’s not that anyone inspires my style per say. It just innate. This comes natural to me. It’s in my blood to be fly.

Every girl has her go to denim plug. Where do you get your jeans from?

My favorite denim jeans come from American Eagle and Free People. If a fitted pair of jeans don’t have at least 3% spandex in them or if they aren’t jeggings, I can’t do them. Now when it comes to my baggy jeans, I get those from the Walmart men’s section. Those don’t need any stretch in them because I get a bigger size in those. I also steal my father’s jeans. I’ve been doing that since high school. I inherited some perfect Ralph Lauren jeans from him. When you want to rock baggy jeans, men jeans are the way to go.

What’s your favorite body part to show off and why?

I need my collarbone to be seen! I love that part of my body. It’s so dainty and classy, and when I show it I feel so sexy. I’ve always admired long necks and bone structures in black women, and when that part of the body is exposed it seems so regal to me. Give me all the off-the-shoulder tops!!

The famous traveling boots!!! How did they come about and where all have they been?

Ha! That was born from me rocking them so often so I created a story around them. They are so comfortable and make any outfit pop so I throw them on often. Because they were so comfortable and eye-catching, I started taking them with me when I traveled. They have been in New Orleans of course, Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan, happy hour, parties, brunches, California, Atlanta, and Denver. I’m excited to see where they will go next!

What’s your favorite season for fashion?

Give me fall and winter when it comes to fashion! I can rock some fire looks in all the seasons, but it’s something about a good coat and a pair of leather boots that just exudes style!

When shopping, what items do you stick to a budget on and what items do you splurge on?

I love going to consignment stores for unique pieces and that definitely doesn’t break my bank since it’s second-hand clothing. I haven’t really paid more than $100 for a pair of jeans. I have jeans that cost as low as $19.99 so I’m not making it rain on jeans. However, when it comes to my shoes and purses, I need quality. I need those items to last. So I’m willing to splurge here and there on those things. Oh, and on jewelry too. I love 10k-18k gold!

What doors have fashion opened for you?

Great question! Fashion has definitely put me in some interesting rooms. It has allowed me to write for well-known publications. It has given me the opportunity to attend fashion shows during NOLA fashion week, NYC fashion week, and fashion parties in LA. I have been featured in notable publications because of my style, and reposted on social media by popular brands. But mostly importantly, the biggest door fashion has opened for me is the authenticity door. Fashion has given me the stage to express the real me. Fashion is something I deeply love, but it’s also how I catch people’s attention. And once I catch their attention, I use it as a vehicle to get them to my blog which is my offering to the world – On S&E I promote individuality, peace, forward-thinking, and love. Through my blog, my mission is to fashionably inspire, to advocate for self-love, to encourage others to exercise their intuition and become more self-aware.

You can find same on Instagam @samjahiman and follow her blog

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