Falling for the ‘Cure: Nail Trends to Try This Fall

Manicures need art - don't be basic.

When it comes to nail art, it is just as subjective as any type of art. Some will love it, some will hate it, but all that matters is that YOU love what you’re wearing. Manicures are a necessity for clean and polished hands, but the ART is what makes it a true masterpiece. Nail trends change often but let’s get into what nail trends to try this Fall.

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Clackity Clack! A Bad Bitch is BACK!!

When it comes to trends, they come and go so quickly that once most of us catch on, the trendsetters have moved on the the next – leaving us all looking like last season before last season is even over.

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Keep up because no one is waiting behind.

To compile my list, I outsourced my favorite app to get my nail inspiration from – INSTAGRAM. I know you thought I was going to say Pinterest but nah…I’m an IG girl for sure and the posts are a lot more detailed. Here are the nail trends I have noticed (and loved) for this upcoming Sweater Weather.

Lines Galore

Straight lines, curly lines, multi-colored lines, all the lines are making an appearance in the #FallInspo nail posts. Here are a couple of my favorite nail trends to try this Fall:

Plaid nails are so on trend for Fall.
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Line work + matte polish = MAGNIFICENCE!

Animal Print

Spots and stripes are great year round but when doing authentic looking animal print, Fall is the perfect season to pull it off. The true colors are usually earthy or neutral which is right on trend for the season.

Tortoise shell and line work for the win!
Can’t choose? Try them all.

Abstract It Up

When all else fails, go into the abstract lane and just freestyle your next look. The best thing about abstract art is that you can’t really go wrong or mess it up. It’s free, it’s unlimiting, it’s true art.

Throw a little bit of everything on there.
Watercolor + Leaves = Fall

Color choices are important when doing seasonal nails and the easiest way to stay on trend. When in doubt, go neutral and earth toned. I love to add some navy and grey in there and mix colors based on the color wheel. Need some color inspiration? Check out the color trends Deenie posted on the Fall in Love with the Basics post – the combinations are beautiful and not too traditional (kind of like us).

Which trends are calling you this Fall? Any trends not listed that you have been eyeing?? Comment below and let me know because I am always looking for nail inspo.

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