Diddy and Yung Miami Love Prediction

We love the connection but where is this going?

Sites of Diddy and Yung Miami have sparked rumors of the two dating. Other than Yung Miami mentioning him in her song ‘Rap Freaks’, the duo never confirmed the rumors. Diddy’s ex girl friend, Gina Huynh posted pictures of them getting cozy that sparked a twitter feud with the City Girl member. When young Miami implied, in true City Girl fashion, that she’d keep with sleeping with her (Gina’s) man, it confused us all. I mean, so is Diddy not your man, Caresha?


Yung Miami launched her podcast, CARESHA PLEASE with Revolt TV and her first guest was the original Bad Boy himself. Now, with all of the noise surrounding Diddy and Yung Miami, we couldn’t help but think this was the City Girls way of setting the record straight. You know, showing Gina Huynh who’s the new boss in town and she succeeded. Viewers got to see a different side of the Bad Boy Executive, mostly uncomfortable because Yung Miami didn’t hold back at all but we saw a softer side of him as well. The two spoke about Diddy grieving Kim Porter’s death and raising his daughters as a full time dad. They also confirmed that they are indeed dating but not in a committed relationship. ”Just having fun” as the two explained, enjoying a day of the week they coined ”Fuck It Friday” and exotic getaways.

So, what are the Cosmos saying about this connection between Diddy and Yung Miami?

” The Introduction ”

Diddy and Yung Miami met at an award show. It seems Diddy has had his eye on the City Girl for a minute. Caresha stated that Diddy popped up in the audience at her Coachella performance and made her nervous. Diddy being a Scorpio Sun, he has no issues with locking eyes with his target to let them know he’s watching. He knows when he’s intimating a woman but he prefers intimidation. We’re sure Diddy’s Virgo moon had a lot to do with his intrigue for the lady rapper. Virgo’s tend to like their partners physically well groomed. Yung Miami’s care for physical appearance surely reeled him in. Diddy recalled on the first episode of CARESHA PLEASE asking Yung Miami out on a surfing date but she didn’t show up. Yung Miami said it was because she didn’t want to mess up her hair but we believe that was her way of playing hard to get.

” The Intrigue”

Emotionally, these lovers are exuding soulmate vibes. Caresha’s Pisces moon is providing Diddy with a level of femininity and grace that he probably isn’t used to. While Diddy usually meet women that want things from him, Caresha is nurturing him spiritually. With their eighth houses in Virgo and Sagittarius, they both have a strong desire to spoil their loved ones financially and are always plotting on the next major money move. One won’t take the backseat to the other, although Caresha knows how to play her lane perfectly. These lovers will be adding to their financial portfolios together as well as individually. And this is showing up already in their relationship as Diddy is a producer on Caresha’s new podcast. They may not be in a committed relationship, but this love affair is a very special friendship that’s going to be hard to break.

” The Sex ”

We all know, Mars is the ruler of the sex. With Diddy’s mars in Capricorn and Caresha’s in Aquarius, it’s giving a good time. There may be a little OCD in the bedroom because both zodiac signs value great hygiene, so conversations about breath or pubic hair won’t be an issue. The love making is very creative and filled with sexting and erotic phone conversations when away. When we’re talking sex, we love to reference the positioning of Lilith in the birth charts since she tends to show up as our most repressed selves. Lilith is showing us that Diddy really wants to be vulnerable in sex but may not always feel comfortable enough to do so. When it comes to sex, he wants to allow his feelings to flow freely. A partner that welcomes that is a keeper. Caresha on the other hand uses sex as a way to get what she wants, things of monetary value or a nut. This may cause some confusion and the need for deep conversations if it hasn’t already.

” The Outcome ”

Although, these two lovebirds are extremely compatible from physical to emotional and every aspect in between, they both are just looking to enjoy life. Yung Miami isn’t one of those girls who will force you into a relationship. She appreciates her freedom and respects realness. However, we heard the two mention baby fever and twins on Caresha’s podcast. We’re expecting a lifelong friendship, low on drama as long as Diddy controls his ex. Don’t be surprised if Caresha cashes out on those twins. The love is already there plus, that’s a nice bag secured for the City Girl. Scorpios get bored fast, so Diddy playing around is inevitable. But is it really playing around if Caresha is OK with it? This openness and the fact that Caresha encourages him to let his hair down will keep Diddy coming back for more.

Have you seen the first episode of Caresha Please? Check it out!

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