Colorful Girl Spotlight: She Loves Founder & Executive Director Keamber Andry

We caught up with Keamber Andry, a twenty something bossy Capricorn and New Orleans native. Keamber is a Behavior Therapist and Founder & Executive Director of She Loves. An organization whose mission is to empower girls to curate a life she loves by creating opportunities through knowledge sharing and representation. Keamber dishes on She Loves, growing up in New Orleans, and being a supportive girlfriend and fashion….

” I’m just always myself and it’s always more than enough”

Tell us about yourself? 

Well my name is Keamber, I love being black. I consider myself a girl’s girl. Im always willing to learn. I’m a realist and take a pretty planned approach to things. I’m a psychology major. I have a strong love for people. I’m a believer. And you’ll have to keep reading to know more (:

What was it like growing up in the city of New Orleans? 

As a black woman the culture has encouraged me to stand in all that I am, even when the rest of the world may not like it. New Orleans culture can be somewhat divisive, as far as where you’re from who’s who and what not but I learned as long as I’m myself it will always be enough. The real will persevere.  

Tell us about She Loves? 

Where do I start! It’s my baby. I love this organization so much. It makes my heart so full and it hasn’t even reached its full potential yet, just like a kid lol. She Loves mission is to empower each girl to curate a life She Loves. We are here to help girls seek and define their purpose, create opportunity for our girls and provide them with  representation

When did you realize She Loves needed to be a part of your community?

I realized it so early! Although I didn’t know what or how it would look yet. Growing up I had access to opportunities my friends didn’t necessarily have. My mom has been in the military my entire life, I’ve been blessed to be at the top of my class and very outgoing so all of this put me in a position to be involved in a lot of programs that cater to youth development and leadership but you had to fit into a particular niche (military dependent, certain GPA, know somebody). I would visit other states, jobs, just dope experiences then after find myself wishing my friends had those experiences with me. Long story short, I was to to create something more inclusive. I had the resources, the vision and decided to cater to the subject I knew best. My girls.

Working with the youth can be very rewarding but can also bring forth realization to the many struggles of the youth in our community. Tells us about your most moving moment during the summer with the girls that attended She Loves summer camp? 

There were so many moving moments. The first one that comes to mind though is when we paid a visit to a local esthetician’s studio (Zari) to learn about manifesting and visualizing goals. One of our love bugs said with a deep intensity, “this is the most at peace I’ve been in a while”. This is a real reality for the youth, and this was a part of my youth as well. You just don’t have a whole sense of peace and that’s something they all are seeking! It was a reoccurring theme in our girls. The world wants them to have their lives figured out without ever asking them what is it they even like. Its not hard for me to pinpoint where the disconnect begins. In that moment there was a sense of calmness over the entire room, that we could all feel. For me it was confirmation she loves, this retreat, I should never doubt it.

We love watching you and Sidney help each other build your empires. Tell us, what’s the secret to helping your spouse build his dream while still building your own? 

We really are a team. We just have one another’s backs especially when it comes to our businesses. I think it’s important to input where you fit at. I’m not going to attempt to design his clothes that’s not my thing but I’m very organized and can streamline an event in my sleep so i stick to my strong points so there’s no burnout. We also plan in a way that neither business is lacking, we don’t double book. Most importantly, we both hold our weight as Founders, meaning we are strong on our own as well assets to one another.

What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever received / given? 

I really don’t like giving relationship advice other than setting your standard. It’s so important we are firm in what we want for ourselves, our lives.  

The best advice I was given had to do with forgiveness and what comes with the decision. True forgiveness is really about looking forward and not back.

We all want to know. What are you doing when you’re not working on She Loves?

I’m doing so much! Lol I wear a lot of hats, a lot of people don’t know but I’m currently working on my masters so there’s that. I also work as a Behavior Therapist Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. I still volunteer with other organizations. I’m planning my next business, will definitely give you guys the exclusive soon. Of course, assisting Vicieux clothing. Working on my personal goals, and being a great family member. It’s important for me to always make time for family.

What can we expect to see from She Loves over the next year? 

Over the next year, you will see She Loves at more local events. So far we’ve only been present at our annual events. I personally look forward to being more candid in interviews such as this one. I’m not always able to commit due to timing. In addition to Love Out Loud Retreat and Brunch of Love fundraiser we will begin a new initiative called Girls Night In. I’m super excited about it because we can include and cater to more age groups.

What/Who inspires your style? 

Honestly, I just like to feel like a fly princess when I get dressed. Florals, ruffles, pearls, things like that in a modern way. I’m not really inspired by anyone as far as looking to them for outfit inspiration or anything like that but there are some ladies I’m fond of. I love Tracee Ellis Ross’s confidence and adore how she has always wore braids to formal events, I Stan! Kourtney Kardashian is one of my favs, or maybe it’s her old stylist Monica Rose that’s my fav. They are both petite like me so I’m always impressed with the simplicity and tailored fit of their looks. I always look to what I’ve established as my favorite brands for what they have coming next also.

How do you determine if an article of clothing should be added to your wardrobe when shopping ? 

I always remind myself to stick with what is my personal style. Colors, fabric, structure and fit all come to mind. I like to be consistent and still me never too trendy but if it is trendy.. still me.

What mantra(s) are you living by currently? 

“I’m just always myself and it’s always more than enough”. This is my personal quote I will never let go of. It keeps me super grounded and secure on my journey to mastering peace and maneuvering in a networking world. “Mastering peace so I can lead with love” is my current work in progress. 

What advice do you have for young creative woman looking to break into entrepreneurship? 

I would advise them they weren’t given the vision for no reason. The world needs you so Start! This doesn’t mean launch immediately or start promoting something. Starting to me is getting your ideas out on paper, then learning more about what that process looks like and then in the typical sense of the word.. starting.

You can learn more about She Loves at

Keep up with She Loves on instagram @sheloves_nola and Keamber @limitlesskee

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