Colorful Girl Spotlight: Natalie Taste of Your Inner Fatgirl

We love Your Inner Fatgirl and we couldn’t wait to bring the bomb beauty behind the brand. Natalie dishes on how YIFG came about, building her brands and YIFG’s branding.

What was it like for you growing up in New Orleans?
Growing up in New Orleans was special. I realize this now. It was getting fussed at for practicing how to, at the time, “pop” on the side of the house. It was walking to the second lines dressed in my dance recital costumes; yet, getting chastised by my grandpa for walking past the stop sign. It was getting Barrows catfish on evenings my mom was in a good mood. Growing up in Nola was being a tween, anxious to walk on Bourbon Street to only find out it was filthy and a place I’d later turn your nose up. It was going to an all girls, catholic school and thinking nothing of it. Growing up in New Orleans was priceless.

When did you realize you wanted to become a blogger/influencer and how did you narrow your niche down to food?
Sophomore year in college I decided to document my hobby of eating out, which in hindsight gave me the title of blogger. I have a passion for all things food so there wasn’t any debating on my focus. As far as being an influencer goes, I knew I wanted parts after learning about the money that was in the industry. A group of influencers spoke and shared their stories at a style board I was a member of. I couldn’t believe one could see 6 figures by carving out a digital space for themselves doing what they enjoyed! I became hungry to make money off my lifestyle.

What are some challenges you’ve faced creating YIFG?
NT: I find most of my challenges within myself. Often times I find that I hold myself back because I’m afraid

YIFG’s branding is crazy right now and truly stands out amongst other foodie brands. What was the process of creating such unique branding for the relaunch of YIFG?
NT: Thank you so much! The process was fun; yet nerve wrecking. It included identifying my brand mood, figuring out how I’d communicate that through content, merchandise and my website, then testing everything before the launch. My good friend is an exceptional graphic designer and I had the pleasure of having him work on my site and rework my logo. He doesn’t do client work so I felt special to have had the opportunity. The process was a frustrating two months and worth every headache.

Speaking of YIFG’s relaunch, we all counted down the relaunch date with you and were ready for restaurant reviews and content. Then, without much notice, we were in a full blown pandemic and social distancing. Yet, YIFG didn’t seem to skip a beat. How did you refocus your brand’s operation in such short notice?
NT: Wow, thank you! Phat Girls Kitchen, which is my new project, transitioned to a virtual series via IGTV. I also nailed a team member who helps me comb through my ideas and meet my goals. I’ve been on go since.

I think we all have our own idea of what YIFG means but what does it mean to you?
NT: I’m almost certain my answer changes each time I’m asked this so bare with me. YIFG has 2 meanings for me: One being my side that loves to pig out and the other is an alter ego that is tucked away until you tap into it. I’m Fat. Fat is me. Fat is any woman who has a unapologetic passion for food.

What are you doing when you’re not in YIFG mode?
NT: When FatGirl isn’t racking my brain (hardly ever), you can find me on my deck laying out, reading or listening to the latest album release, or hosting family and/or friends at the house

If you could invite a celebrity to your new Instagram live show, Phat Girls Kitchen, who would it be?
NT: Idris Elba, of course.

Being a foodie can be costly. Do you have a budget in place to keep from breaking the bank?
NT: Man, now I’m thinking I should. I go on many dates. That cuts cost tremendously.

How does YIFG keep the waist slim and the ass phat?
NT: Ou! I like this. Well I’m 24 so I’m sure that has much to do w my figure. I fake workout. Whatever that means to readers, I do it haha!

Being a blogger, friends and family can feel like every minute spent without is work, from restaurant hopping with you to taking your pictures. How do you separate business life and personal life?
NT: This one can be frustrating and I’ve learned what works best for me. To avoid God awful photos from my sister or friends, I’ll drag along my latest boyfriend to my eating adventures so I can annoy them instead. Savoring moments with friends and family as strictly quality time is important to me.

We all watched during the holidays as an email turned into a designer Christmas gift. Can we get more on this love story?
NT: Hmm… yes! So we still talk. Ironic this is a question ’cause yesterday we discussed our intentions with each other. We shared the understanding that we’re enjoying each other’s time and having fun. It’s cool. I AM ABSOLUTELY working on a new designer gift though. I’m thinking Cartier.

Where do you see YIFG in the next 12 months?
NT: Events! It’s long overdue. I’m thinking brunch clubs, dinner parties & bar crawls. The Fat Girl way. @ yourinnerfatgirl

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