Colorful Girl Spotlight: Morgan Walker

  • Author: Jazmine Boutte

You asked to see the boss?! *Drake Voice* Chances are they sent Morgan Walker. This humble mogul in the making is creating waves in the event production field with her company Morg W. Productions. From lit parties to community work, Morgan has her hands in a little bit of everything. We got to chat it up with her and find out what it takes to be a BOSS!

First of all, how are you holding up through this pandemic? 

This is one of the toughest times for me mentally and as an entrepreneur, but I’m staying positive. I’m using this time to plan events, step outside my norm, I’m painting, doing yoga, exercising, cleaning, writing, I definitely created like 30 new business ideas…haha. Just doing everything I can and following the state guidelines. I don’t know how long this thing will last so I’m saving and praying for those who are barely surviving during this time.

Who is Morgan Walker? 

Morgan Walker is this super genuine business woman. I say that with pride because most times, business isn’t personal for everyone but it is for me. I get this idea in my head and the drive to execute it is unstoppable. New Orleans plays a huge role in making Morgan Walker. It makes me resilient, unique, and multifaceted.  

What inspired you to start Morgan Walker Productions?

My city inspired me. My peers around me were making success stories out of being a promoter so they inspired me as well. I had overwhelming support in the beginning. I was in high school throwing parties and in 2016 Morg W. Productions was created, making that piece of my life a business.

What’s it like being a woman in a male dominated industry?

I always tell people being a woman in this industry allows me to use my ultimate woman super power, which is gracefully demanding respect as soon as I step foot in a room. Your first impression is everything so when I do business, I enter a deal very confidently and ready to present my terms.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to break into this industry?

Don’t allow anyone to tell you what you can and can’t do. Be different. Be Fun. Make sure your brand is a reflection of you. Have your finances and business in order. Contracts and knowledge of this industry is super important. Reach out to people who inspired you to step into the entertainment industry first.

What is your take on the New Orleans party scene?

It’s growing and it’s a process. I think we finally opened a door for creatives to feel safe to step outside the box and curate some dope experiences, compared to when I first started.

What’s the “Littest” event you’ve thrown and why?

I didn’t create Silent Paties but I definitely brought them back to life in New Orleans, so I think those are my favorite events. It’s classic. Hearing people singing to the top of their lungs, the lights, having 3 of my favorite DJs; it’s just a great vibe.

Aside from event productions, we see you have a few other businesses. What are they?

Yes of course, I’m working on about 3 different projects at the moment, but the recently announced business I just opened is EZ Notary and Auto Title on 1200 N. Broad Street. We will provide notary services and also fast track DMV services.

We saw that EZ Notary and Auto Title is co-owned by your girlfriend, what inspired the two of you to go into a joint business venture and how has it been working together?

Yes, Yasha is a true asset to any business. She’s an attorney with an entrepreneur hustle. That’s a perfect combo. Our qualities in business just work well together. I plan and market new ideas and she executes and enforces those ideas to life. We understand our roles and importance in each other business endeavors. EZ NOTARY is truly the beginning for our business relationship. We both have similar aspirations as business women, so we are excited for our future together as partners personally and business partners.

What is the hardest lesson entrepreneurship has taught you?

You truly reap what you sew. The more creative, the more time, and the more work I put into an event, the outcome rewards me. I love that about my craft.

What makes a boss?

A boss is one who guarantees we gon eat haha..says the gospel of Rick Ross. But really a boss is someone who runs a company. I never refer to myself as a boss just because it’s not my style. I am very humble and hardworking. Technically, my mindset is ‘people work with me and not for me.’ Even though I pay them…haha.

Why is giving back to the community important and what have you done?

Giving back is so important to me because I care about my community like that’s family. When they suffer and hurt, so do I. A voice always tells me it’s my duty to do whatever I can to leave an impact on the youth. My community events take place during “Back to School time” and Christmas because that’s a very important time for kid and parents. However, I do much more outside of that. I make sure they understand that they have options out here that expose them to different avenues of entrepreneurship. I really encourage them to do what they love while creating an income.  

What advice would you give to 16 year old Morgan?

Start your business now young queen, you will be doing this on a larger platform and scale. Save your money. Take pictures of your parties with your friends. Educate yourself.

Your style is very dope, you tend to switch it up between laid back and sexy. What goes into planning an outfit?

Thanks so much. I’ve never really noticed my style choices but I definitely dress how I am feeling. Lately I’ve been leaning more towards business attire but comfy. It makes me feel confident and pretty. Like I’m cute but I’m about my MONEYYYYY.

My dad once told me… “Respect yourself and others will respect you”. I’m always using that in my business and personal life.

What do you love most about New Orleans?

The same thing everybody loves about it. The culture and the people. We are so special. We talk our own way. I can spot a New Orleans person by how they walk sometimes when I’m in other cities. We are truly gifted and born with a unique touch. I am thankful for them because I know I can make it anywhere in this world because I’m here successful in New Orleans.

You can learn more about Morgan Walker at

Keep up with Morg W Productions on instagram @morganwalkerproductions , EZ Notary and Auto Title @eznotarynola and Morgan @_morgwalker

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