Cleansing Plants: Best Detox Herbs for the Body

Herbs are not just for smoking – although we are a very 420 friendly bunch here are High on Beignets. Being a Clinical Herbalist, I have a very special relationship with plants and I love finding new ways to utilize their benefits for the greater good of human health. What better way than to gather a list of the best detox herbs for the body?

Plant health can be approached in so many ways and how one approaches them is solely based on preference. I won’t go into detail on how to prepare your herbal blends, but more into which herbs to use to elevate your inner (and outer) health. Now, the only restriction I have with ingesting herbs for detoxing is to NOT smoke them – you have other herbs for that.

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Smoke Now – Get it out the way.

Now, when it comes to detoxifying the body, there are many ways to approach this. Most people will automatically go to thinking cleansing your intestines – but just know pooping is not the only form of detoxing the body even though expelling waste is the number one way. You know it isn’t right if you aren’t sitting on the porcelain god. Just know there are way more things in the body to detox that never meet the anal cavity.

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We all do it, even if no one ever sees it.

Let’s get the “pooping” herbs out of the way and then I will move into my favorite herbs for really detoxing the body.

Senna Leaf

Senna is known as a natural laxative. If you have any tea in your arsenal that is formulated to make you poop, it most likely has this herb in it. It has a very bitter taste (bitters help with digestion – it actually gets the glands going and is why most things that are good for your digestive tract is very bitter) but it isn’t unbearable.

Dandelion Root

Roots are my favorite herbal types to work with because the potency is outstanding. Dandelion root is great as a diuretic. If you are having issues with your urinary tract or suffering from an abundance of water weight, this is the type of detox you need. It is a natural and gentle way to keep you free from excess water.

Red Clover

Detoxing the blood is the most unrecognized form of detoxing but the most necessary. When the blood is contaminated, it can show in the skin, hair, nails, etc. Red Clover is clutch when it comes to keeping the blood clean by grabbing waste and pushing it through to keep clean blood flowing. This can assist with clearing acne and even excess weight.

Stinging Nettle

Let’s talk about detoxing those organs. Stinging Nettle is amazing for supporting liver and kidney health – which are both known for eliminating toxins and waste from the body. When it comes to a real body detox, this herb is a MUST. Think of the kidneys as the garbage men of your body – if they don’t work…just eww.

Burdock Root

My absolute fave – for real!! Burdock root is the go to for detoxing the body because it does it all (except make you poop). It is a diuretic, blood purifier, and works with the liver to eliminate toxins. It also puts greats things INTO the body like magnesium, folic acid, and vitamins c and e.

Now, of course, and you knew this was coming, use these herbs at your own risk – but enjoy being risky. Feel free to use a few or them all for a good body detox. Do not overuse and listen to your body – it will always tell you what it enjoys and hates. Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know if you have used any of these or which ones you plan to incorporate.

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Tea Anyone??

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