Blessed + Highly Favored: The Spiritually Inclined are Being Saved All 2020

2020 has been the year of exposing any and everything (and one) that isn’t for the greater good. Baby, the vision has been crystal clear and won’t be going foggy anytime soon. Between brands being exposed for lack of diversity, to “allies” being exposed for their racist ways, to friends being exposed as foes due to nothing more than jealousy – no one is safe. Whether you have been trying to keep up or not, it is evident you have seen or heard of someone being exposed for something that they claim they are not a part of.

Those who have taken this time locked inside to get more in tune with themselves, their higher beings and their spirit guides, have been blessed with discernment like no other. They are receiving their messages and taking action accordingly. Not in a loud and boisterous way, but in a quiet and direct way. The best part is even when those who are spiritually inclined are so deep into their journey (you know – minding their business) that they may not notice the signs, the Universe will make sure they get the message one way or another.

The Universe will send in positive reinforcement in the form of other spiritually inclined friends/family to let you know something just isn’t right. It can be an impromptu phone call asking about a comment they may have seen, or a feeling they got looking at someone’s picture. Whatever it is, it will be something to get your attention and have you looking a little deeper into those that are not meant for your greater good. You know once the dialogue starts between two or more spiritually inclined people, ALL things will be revealed. Pendulums, anyone??

Another way the Universe will have your back is by showing you videos, blog posts (like this one – this is a message for someone reading this right now), even ads that will get you thinking about whatever the message is you are supposed to be receiving. Just pay attention to the message the first time – nothing hurts more than the Universe having to repeat itself. Trust me, I’ve been there years ago and do not want go back. I don’t question shit anymore.

All in all, if you are a part of the spiritually inclined crew, then you have nothing to worry about. You are out here thriving, minding your business, drinking all the water, and just glowing and growing. If you are not a part of the spiritually inclined crew, my advice – mind your fucking business because if not, you will be EXPOSED!

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