Big Girl Money Goals You Should Have For 2021 and How To Knock Them Out

Money, Money Money is all I see. Money, Money, Money flows freely to me! Or whatever your money mantra is. We all love money and the idea of an endless cash flow. Some say money is the root of all evil but the truth is, money is the root to all ease. Peso’s in the bank means financial security and financial freedom. Freedom to take a vacation when your mind and body calls for one. To be able to take a day off to binge watch your favorite show or rest. Being able to make that field trip just to put a smile on your kids face. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all chasing, freedom. Some wish and hope for it but you, you get to touch and taste the freedom your heart desires. Because you have money goals and we’re giving you a few more to add to your list. As Juvie The Great said…


Over Pay Your Monthly Notes and Mortgages

Some months we do really well in business and exceed our income goals. Does that mean give your extra coins to Chanel of Christian Louboutin? Not yet doll face. If you have a car note, mortgage or any type of loan, doubling your payment will help you pay that loan off quicker. No one wants to have a loan floating over their heads. I’ll never forget the time I accidentally doubled my car payment one month and the following month I only owed $12. Those extra payments during those good money months can be a relief on a rainy day. Don’t forget to pay towards the principal balance to reduce the loan amount and save money on the interest of the loan.

Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Savings Account

Repeat after me. SAVE YOUR MONEY SO IT CAN SAVE YOU! I know what you’re thinking. You can’t take it with you when you’re gone. But while you’re still alive and kicking, shit will come up. Your engine may blowout and your car’s warranty may not pick up the bill. What if you have to move abruptly? Or you may wake up one day and hate your boobs. Now, it’s time to get that breast lift you’ve been thinking about. Growing your savings account is easier than you think, it Just takes a little discipline. You can grow your savings ten racks just by adding $28 to it daily for a year. You can also grow you savings one hundred racks by adding $277 daily. Come on, ladies. We spend this on food regularly. You can do it.

Leverage Your Business Credit

The thought of business credit and how it works makes me wet. It feels criminal but its so legal. If you have a business but you’re not utilizing the credit perks, you’re missing out. In case you are not aware, no matter what you or your mama did to your personal credit, business credit can give you somewhat of a fresh start. It’s easier to build, it’s easier to get approved for credit increases, and all of your businesses can qualify. No more starting businesses and funding them with your own money. Make sure you tap into that business credit bag in 2021.

You can’t beat the IRS so join them

Every time I’m having business and money conversations, someone brings up the IRS like they’re the Mob. Now, they may be but you can only get around the legal extortion system so much before you want to make a big purchase and the bank is requesting your tax returns. Everything about being in business isn’t pretty. No one wants to give their hard earned money to the IRS but preparation can lighten the blow. Having a tax savings account can help. This means taking a percentage out of your business earnings to satisfy your end of the year dues. Also, the IRS has payment plans. Paying them in advance and often will relieve that end of the year sticker shock. And lastly, hire an accountant if your business can handle the expense. Accountants are trained and versed on tax laws and can possibly save you time and money.

Get That 800+ Credit Score

Great credit seems to be a goal everyone is chasing. This is an easy fix even if your credit is in shambles. Hire a credit repair professional! There are so many people dying to make your credit better. The amount of trained credit professionals are doubling consistently. Hire one and let the experts handle it. Whether its $200, $300, $500 or more, invest in yourself to reach your goal of financial freedom.

Get You A Man With Money

Who said a man that can make it rain on you can’t be on your financial vision board? You’re a bad b*tch, your paper is up, you’ve been working on your Goddess Pussy Energy and you’re ready for that reciprocal love. We already covered that for you. How To Bag A Man With Money!

Sis, now you can give your extra coins to Chanel and Christian Louboutin! What are your money goals for 2021?

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