April 2022 New Moon Horoscope

Although, April first will bring out the pranksters this New Moon in Aries is no joke. The New Moon appears in the midst of Aries season and it’s pulling back everyone’s curtains. This will be the first New Moon of Spring and while many of you have been Spring cleaning personal spaces, the divine is saying it’s time to clear your mind. This energy is asking us to face some hard truths about ourselves.

Happy Birthday to the extroverts of the zodiac. Luckily for you, the energy of the New Moon in Aries comes bearing gifts. There is love in the air! It doesn’t matter if this is a new love or a love that’s been around for awhile, you can expect to feel celebrated by that special someone. Maybe someone is planning an intimate gathering for your birthday or to celebrate some recent milestones. If you’ve been questioning whether this love is ”IT” the upcoming New Moon is going to reveal it is. Expect explosive sex, gifts, and a surge of strong emotions.

You beautiful bulls have been working! Even when things aren’t going your way, you remain resilient and the cosmos are ready to reward you for your tenacity. Strategy is key in this season. Have your game plan on paper and refer back to it when you’re feeling stuck. This energy is bringing in your business partners. Some of you will be filling positions in your business with employees and partners that will be around for awhile. Others, can expect new doors to open in the work environment. Keep your faith, the level up is so close.

Control is holding you back and draining your well dry. You’ve walked away from many career opportunities because you couldn’t see the sun through the forest. It’s time to get back to the drawing board and ask for help. If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to start thinking with a corporation mindset. For those looking to elevate in their 9 to 5, allow your friends and colleagues to introduce you to important people. It’s still a win even if you didn’t get it by yourself. Expect networking opportunities, rebranding and learning new techniques.

The mothers of the zodiac are currently finding balance in their lives. It’s giving out with the old and in with the new. New mindsets, new ideas, and new ways to execute. This comes after several hard realizations, of course. The New Moon in Aries is waking up our dear Cancers and encouraging them to revisit old projects with a new plan. It’s time to give it the creative touch that only you can. Even if it seems you’re not being supported at first, remember you won’t be celebrating alone. Expect new ideas to old endeavors and interviews for applications submitted long ago.

It’s very Leo-like to leave your job prematurely to pursue your passion but it’s looking like the lions haven’t struck gold yet. If you want to keep your cash flow you may want to reconsider jumping ship. The energy of the New Moon in Aries is asking you to think about your marketing plan. How can you bring awareness to your new business without leaving your job so soon? Yes, it’s more work than the Leo would like to do but it’s the smart route to take. This New Moon may leave you feeling like a failure but it’s only to challenge you to work hard for what you truly want.

Virgo’s tend to be the advisor in every crowd, so it’s expected that they practice what they preach. However, our Virgo’s are in the hot seat internally and they’re letting their fears get the best of them. Don’t be surprised if you wake up during the New Moon in Aries feeling guilty about manipulating those close to you with your words. This New Moon’s energy is all about shining light on a place from the past you must revisit to heal. The bloom of Spring may inspire you to retreat to hermit mode. You can expect to reemerge a new person.

Libra’s are creatures of adventure and they love to try things for the purpose of experience alone. You need for adventure is about to lead you to a treasure of gold. There is a lot of money coming your way. Some of you may have decided to try untraditional relationship such as polyamory. Some may be thinking of visiting a sex club or finally responding to the DM from a possible sugar daddy. Either way, someone likes you enough to hand you a bag. Expect smoky exchanges revolving big money, a married couple, BDSM, etc.

You ladies are waking up and remembering who TF you are. The Winter months were pretty harsh on you and many of you felt alone but you weren’t. You were just hiding from the world. As Spring gets into full swing and the New Moon enters Aries you will began to feel like yourself again. If you’ve been abandoning your goals, that’s coming to an end. This energy is encouraging you to find clarity and pick a path. The cosmos wants you to know that you can’t go wrong. If you find that the path you’ve chosen no longer suits you, you can always choose the other option. In this upcoming season, you can’t go wrong.

All of your hard work has been paying off. Funny, you wasn’t sure it would. It’s time to come from behind your office desk and celebrate your accomplishments. You went from one goal to the next without taking a second to realize how far you’ve come. The cosmos are asking you to take a minute and be proud of yourself. Organize a celebration. You know you want to get out and be the life of the party. Expect the urge to pull away from work in the energy of the New Moon in Aries. You may want to grab a party dress for the weekend.

The goat has finally started it’s journey back up the mountain. It’s been quite the journey for the goats of the zodiac. You’ve spent sometime feeling you were lost but that’s behind you now. You’re in a season of manifesting your desired life into existence. The Aries energy is going to give you the fuel you need to move forward. However, don’t be afraid to take breaks when you feel the need. The new you could take some getting used to. Expect to feel risky this weekend.

You have all of the answers to your issues but you keep looking outside of yourself for them. You’ve worked hard for the resources that you have (good credit, nice savings, etc.) but when it comes to knowing where to invest, you’re completely lost. This is no coincidence. There are some loose ends you need to tie up before you can move forward. There’s a love connection that you know is toxic and should end immediately. Once you cut off what’s holding you back, you’ll instantly know how to move forward.

You are eye candy and everyone is looking. In this season you will stop thinking with your heart and get more logical about life. You will notice that you’ll want more meaningful relationships and stop entertaining simple encounters. Structure is becoming a huge theme in your life and you’re preparedness is opening doors for you. Your past life will forever be a weakness for you unless you set boundaries and stick to them. Don’t give into weak moments that will knock you off your game. Everything counts in this season.

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