About to bust a nut? Make a wish!

How to use sex to manifest the desires of your heart

Contrary to popular belief, orgasms aren’t only for pleasure. Just think about it. Orgasms are the gateway of creation. The start to making a whole ass human being. God created us all in her image and as God’s children, we too, create in our image. But who said we can only use the power of the orgasm to create a life? What if we used that power to enhance our lives? If an orgasm can give us a child (functioning brain, organs, abilities, flesh and blood) it can surely bring us joy, peace, love and even material things.


How does this work? While a woman doesn’t have to reach an orgasm for life to be created, she embodies the literally ability to bring a manifestation to reality. When a woman creates a child with a man, the man gives the woman his seed and she hands that seed back to him in human form. If you’ve paid attention, the child looks like the parent but enhanced. The child is more attractive and smarter. If the parent was an athlete, the child is a better athlete. If the parent could sing, the child is a better singer or can even compose music. It’s like the woman gave the man a better version of himself. Because as women, that’s what we do. Give us your flour, eggs, sugar and milk and we’ll hand you a beautiful cake. A magical one with the power to feed you forever.

Now, let’s take that energy and enhance our lives. But understand, there’s levels to this shit. Creating a child is simply human nature. If everything is functioning perfectly, all you need is a little spirit and a little science and boom…baby on board. But let’s say you want to manifest that billion dollar empire you’ve been working on, spirit and science will only get you so far. You’ve got to have technique. And that’s why I’m here, to teach you the technique.

Unlike baby making, when it comes to manifesting with sex, the female orgasm is a requirement and not a recommendation. Before you get into the groove, know exactly what you want. Have your words, thoughts, feelings, and/or affirmations down. Trying to wing this in the act will be difficult if this is your first time attempting this. Now that you know what you want and how you’re going to manifest it, set the scene. To all my body confident girls who love to fuck with the lights bright, dim them down or turn then off. Light a few candles, and don’t be afraid to speak your intentions into them also. I suggest lights off for the sake of focusing. Focusing will be the hardest part.


You can do this alone (masturbate) or you can engage with your fella. If you’re masturbating, I wouldn’t force it. Wait until your naturally turned on and feeling like your sexiest self. You know that feeling when you’re alone and something comes over you, it’s like you’re turned on so deep you are one with the universe? You feel like a goddess, right? It’s called divine femininity! Once you’ve reached it, you’re in pure creative mode. You’re ready to make a baby. Stimulate yourself as you would to get off.

Don’t be afraid to stall the climax. Take your time visualizing what you want and how it makes you feel. Your mind will want to think of the kinkiest things and that’s OK, it’ll keep the juices flowing. But always get back to visualizing your desires. As you get ready to release, talk yourself through your orgasm the same way you like that man to do it. Remember those thoughts and affirmations you prepared? Now is the time to say them. Speak them as if you have them already.

If you’re going to be doing this with a partner, if you can, do it with someone you feel the spirit has lead you to embrace. Normally, when you feel connected to someone you’re freer and not afraid to embrace being vulnerable. You don’t have to tell them what your intentions are, you can affirm yourself and manifest in silence. But if you choose to tell them, you both can affirm each other and use the energy to enhance each others lives. Instead of the typical passing of filthy phrases and confirmations that happens during sex, you’ll be speaking life and success to one another. Just prepare with your mate and make sure you’re both on the same page.


If you truly tapped into your higher self during the act, when it’s all over you’ll feel like you’re in a drunken state. Some may feel paralyzed, your limbs (especially your bottom half) may feel heavy. Relax, don’t rush to get up and get into something else. If the stars aligned perfectly (if the act was successful) you’ll feel the energy of the orgasm hovering over you. The pleasure is gone but the energy is still there. Revisit the thoughts of your manifestation. If you forgot something you can still speak it into existence. Or if you’re feeling generous, tell your guy to make a wish.

One more thing, ladies. Even if you have zero intentions on manifesting during sex, you just want to have a little romance and to be in the moment, WATCH YOUR MOUTH. Sex magic is powerful and you’re still engaging in the act. If you’re having sex with someone and all you can think about is that person being unfaithful, guess what? You’ve manifested a whore into your life. Or if the first thing you think of when you get up is “Oh shit, I’m pregnant!” You’ve probably manifested a baby. The universe listens, she doesn’t know sarcasm or insecurity. If you speak it, she’ll give it to you. So, only speak positivity and the things you want into your life.

Now tell us, have you tried manifesting during sex? If not, are you going to?

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