A Look Into The Life of Singer and Songwriter, Assata Renay

Assata Renay, is a singer and songwriter. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA to radio personality, Uptown Angela and celebrity disc jockey, DJ Ro. Assata got an up-close look into the life of creating and performing and knew immediately that passion was speaking to her soul. We caught up Assata and talked about her latest singles, her journey on America’s Idol, her spiritual journey and future endeavors. Check out what she had to say…

Who is Assata Renay?

Assata Renay is a human fairy who spreads love & happiness to all who she encounters. Assata is compassionate, caring and she is a nurturer. 

What was it like for you growing up in the city of New Orleans?

 I wouldn’t have much to compare my experience living in New Orleans to because I never wanted to live anywhere else. I love the food, I love the southern hospitality and of course I love the many legendary and iconic musical influences. The culture here is a feeling that you must experience in order to truly understand how beautiful this city is. However, it’s far from perfect… I can feel the hardships this city has endured. I can feel the history, the roots, the energy. 

Can you take us into your journey of becoming a singer, song writer and performer?

 When I was young my mom would take me to work with her. I can remember going to many concerts and meeting people that I saw on tv or heard on the radio. When I watched singers perform on stage I would always feel connected in some way. When I was a kid, I would sing and dance in the mirror . I can remember coming up with my own choreography for family reunions. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I decided to showcase my voice. I was introverted in school . I kept to myself so me deciding to perform in front of the junior & senior class was a bold move. I nervously began to sing “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye“ by Boys 2 Men. My logic was that I wouldn’t see many of those people again so I had nothing to lose.

My next experience with the stage was a few months later when I decided to sign up for a open mic night in college. From there I joined my first band and began performing around the city more frequently. For years I spent time gaining experience by singing in bands and performing in casinos and bars on Bourbon Street. In 2018 I released my first independent album “Energy of the Sun”. To help promote the album I would host my own concerts at different venues around the city.

 A few months after releasing my first project, I received a direct message from a talent scout for American Idol. I was invited to an audition with the producers for the show. After my initial audition, I was advanced to the televised auditions and from there was granted the golden ticket to Hollywood! I left the show with an experience of a lifetime and “American Idol Top 40 Finalist” to add to my resumé. Since the show I’ve released a new single “Loved” (available across music platforms) along with a music video. I am currently working on my second independent album and plan to release it in 2021. 

Songs like ‘Jungle’ and ‘Loved’ speaks to my soul. What inspired the style and content of these songs?

 My music and my entire existence is built on authenticity. My songs are inspired by my real experiences. Regardless to if they are built on perspective or my truth, you will get the real. I wear my heart on my sleeve… what you see is pretty much what you get.

We’ve watched your growth take place right in front of us. Walk us through your spiritual journey and awakening. How did it all begin?

 A few years ago, I began to feel like I was changing. My interests were changing and things that I once was able to tolerate, I no longer could . I became more aware of my contribution to the world and how my actions affected others. I began to care more about what energy I was putting out in the atmosphere. Through this journey I’ve learned that growth is constant. As long as I am alive I know there is always a lesson to be learned and that I must keep an open mind. 

You openly spoke on Instagram about going through a divorce and learning to give love to yourself. What are some lessons marriage and divorce has taught you?

 Through my relationship experiences I’ve learned to slow down. I no longer feel the need to rush or force love. I accept that taking my time will ultimately get me to where I want to go. I learned that my timeline is my timeline and that I shouldn’t compare my process to anyone else’s.

We all want to know, what’s love like after divorce? Has your standards and what you need from a spouse changed at all?

Approaching love again is definitely still a learning process. I’m learning how to detach myself from past trauma and I’m allowing myself the time and space to truly heal. I no longer depend on love to get me through my days. I enjoy my experiences with love but also I make sure that I spend time with myself, my daughter and that I depend on myself more than anyone else. I’ve realized that co-dependent relationships can be unhealthy if they aren’t properly kept in check and in balance. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself thriving in creative ideas that bring healthy fulfillment and healing to myself, those around me and beyond!  I’ll be the mother of a preteen continuing to raise her up and guide her through life. The rest is left up to divine alignment. 

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