Full Moon in Capricorn: Ancestral advice based on your sign.

Capricorns are known for their ability to be leaders, responsible, disciplined so when there is a full moon in this respective sign, expect to feel an increase in your sense of responsibility and patience. The full moon is a great time to reflect and release – as a collective, with the strength of Capricorn in the horizon and a Lunar Eclipse happening at the same time (July 4th), we should focus on releasing procrastination, fear, laziness, and heartache. Capricorns are strong and resilient so channel that energy to prepare for the energy to come.
I wanted to do something fun this go ’round so I went to my Angels & Ancestors Oracle Cards and pulled a card for each sign. For each sign, I was given specific advice from the ancestors to focus on this the upcoming full moon. Here is what your sign should be working on this weekend:

Aries – Embrace the Energy of Peace

This may be hard for Aries because we all know you feel the need to fight ALL THE TIME but just take heed. The ancestors are telling you to break the arrow. Find your inner and external peace because the need to fight is over. Embrace harmony, stability, and community this weekend. It will be refreshing and relaxing for you.

Taurus – Take Time to Reflect

Taurus is being advised to basically be themselves – recognize your gifts. Taurus is the most modest conceited sign in the zodiac (oxymoron, I know – but it’s true and they will agree). The ancestors want you take some time to reflect on your strengths and challenges and see how far you have come. You wear your emotions on your sleeves so keeping that energy when looking within should give you a lot of answers.

Gemini – Wait for Important Information

The ancestors have jokes with this one – Gemini wait for something?? Yeah, right! Well, the ancestors is saying to be open and receptive to information which is easy for us Geminis – we LOVE learning and knowing shit. The hard part – gathering facts to make sure you are making the right decisions. Geminis are impulsive beings so I absolutely understand why the advice for Gems is to be patient and wait before making a big decision. Don’t let your wants get into the way of your needs.

Cancer – Trust Your Instincts

Your spirit animal is yearning for your attention Cancer. It is here to guide you to your inner most desires and purpose. The ancestors are telling you to trust your instincts – like wild animals do. You are usually cautious and reserved so this weekend, be open, spontaneous and free. Let your inner animal guide you – your instincts are never wrong.

Leo – Dream and Journey

We know you live to be on the go, in the limelight, admired by others. The ancestors is advising that you take some time for yourself and go within. Be alone in your thoughts, dreams, and desires. Meditate and go deep to find your path and let it guide you. This weekend, work on your spiritual side and your inner child. Dream big!

Virgo – Trust in the Unknown

Whew chile…the ancestors will stay with some jokes. Virgo is all about structure, routine, planning – so to tell a Virgo to trust the unknown is laughable. The message here is to understand you can go with the flow; trust the path and know you are connected with the most high and will always be guided in the right direction.

Libra – Take Note of Intuitive Messages

Libras like to live life on the edge (figuratively) and the ancestors are advising you to listen to the messages. Practice discernment and see through the illusions. Things are not always as they seem so use your intuition to understand what is being shared with you. Lunar energies are strong with you this weekend – use that energy to download all the messages your ancestors are sharing with you.

Scorpio – Set Your Sights Higher

Scorpio, oh Scorpio – you are so used to being cautious, waiting for the right time that doesn’t exist, feeling like you’re never quite good enough. The ancestors is telling you to go beyond your limitations and believe in the impossible. All of your dreams and aspirations are within your reach, you just have to believe you can have them. Stop thinking and start doing. You deserve it!

Sagittarius – Make Plans and Focus

Sagittarius, I know you ideally like to go with the flow but the advice for you is to take is slow. You have things you want to accomplish but you need to make a plan and focus – take some time to assess what your next step will be. Use this weekend to embody major Cap vibes and be responsible and strategic. Take your time, think it through, then execute.

Capricorn – Be Open to Healing Information

This is so interesting that the message for Capricorn for their full moon is to be open to healing information. While we are all taking in the Capricorn energy, the ancestors wants Caps to work within instead of focusing without. Listen closely to your inner voice as well as those you trust – they only give you what’s best. Pay attention to healing information.

Aquarius – Unleash the Wild Within

Now for Aquarians, I am not sure why the ancestors would advise you guys to unleash the wild within because we all know you guys don’t know restraint – yet here we are! Just kidding, this message is basically just saying to unleash your talents and desires. Let that wolf energy guide you to where you want to go and keep you mindful and aware of those who mean you harm. Focus on being your best self this weekend – you deserve the break.

Pisces – Drop Your Shields

Pisces you always have a guard up, always second guessing and worrying about the ‘what ifs’. The ancestors advises you to drop any shields of shame, fear, and resistance or anything standing between you and enjoyment. This weekend, let your hair down, socially distance gather with some friends, and just enjoy life. Your brain deserves it.

The Full Moon in Capricorn starts at 11:44pm on July 4th and lasts 3 days. Will you be taking heed to the advice here? Do you feel the ancestors is guiding you in the right direction?

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