5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Quarantine

  • Author: Krystal B. Armstrong

In the words of the infamous Jay Z, “It was all good just a week ago”. It actually haven’t been all good for months but it got super real about a week or so ago. COVID-19 has shaken the world to the core and we are all feeling the effects directly or indirectly. While (most) of us are stuck inside on some quarantine shizz, drinking quarantinis while listening to DNice and Badu hype us up and serenade us to sleep – we are getting laxed, restless, and simply ready to get back to reality. One thing I don’t want to happen is a backtrack of all the work you have been doing on your skin. We are in a time where the beauty obsessed aren’t allowed to see our estheticians, go to Ulta or Sephora to get our must have products, or simply try out new things because clearly beauty stores are not an essential. Don’t trip though, I am here to the rescue. I will give you 5 tips to keep your skin healthy during this time with what you already have. Sis – I got you!

1. Detox – Being indoors does not mean you are not getting debris stuck in your pores. Dust, dirt, and all kind of microscopic particles float in the air from outdoors and are constantly circulated with manufactured air all day. It is better to be safe than sorry so pull out your favorite detox mask (most likely a clay or mud mask) and be sure to remember to use it regularly. Keep your pores clean with your daily routine – do not slack here because you aren’t leaving the house – and deep cleanse twice a week.

2. Hydrate – You guys know how I feel about hydration and with not being outdoors as much, especially in a humid climate, your skin will dehydrate quickly. Want to mimic that humidity so your skin can glow? Pull out that humidifier. Yes – your humidifier works for your skin as well. It keeps your air hydrated. Use hydrating masks and products. Spritz your face with a toner or apply an essence and immediately follow with a cream or oil to lock that water in. Of course, drink all the water! You’re inside all day so bathroom breaks shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Breathe Deep – We are experiencing a stressful time because there is way too much uncertainty lingering around with the unknown. Stress breakouts are the worse too because they usually are cystic and painful. Luckily for you, you have everything you need to calm yourself – start meditating. Take a few moments every morning and set the intention for the day. Just be still and breathe. You do not need anything special but deep breaths and a clear head. Need help on this? I recommend contacting The Blooming Magnolia for everything from personal breathing sessions to guided mediation.

4. Get Some Air – Mandated “Stay At Home” orders don’t mean you can’t simply get some air. You can open some windows and let the air flow or just stand in your doorway or sit on your porch. The skin needs oxygen and if you live in a humid climate, I highly recommend this. Let that humid air get the staleness of the AC unit off of you. Not living in a humid climate, spritz your face with a toner, some water, or any hydrating mist and then enjoy the air – or go back to tip #2.

5. Make It Hot – Steaming is my favorite way to get immediate hydration to the skin while opening my pores for deeper penetration of my serums and moisturizers. If you do not have a steamer at home, just boil some water, place a towel over your head and bowl to create a dome, and let the steam just rise to your skin. You will feel amazing after about 5-10 mins. You can also sit in a hot bath or take a hot shower. All these methods work to get steam on the skin while getting the blood flowing.

Hope this helped! I want us all to come out of COVID Quarantine fly and fabulous. If you have any additional tips that may help, add them in the comments. Would love to try some things out.

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