5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Spiritual Medium Reading

The spiritual world and spiritual work has always intrigued me since my childhood. Up until the age of seven, I used to see the spirits of my grandfather who passed before I was born and the spirit of a woman who lived next door to the home I grew up in. It wasn’t until my dad passed away when I was 19, that I reach out for my first spiritual reading. I was hanging out in downtown New Orleans when I saw a lady reading palms right in front of the Cathedral. It was a great experience that brought clarity to my thoughts and feelings surrounding my dads death. For years I tussled with the idea of seeking counsel from a spiritual medium to actually communicate with my dad. Living in New Orleans, spiritual mediums aren’t hard to find, but no one I came across captivated me enough to actually book an appointment. And then I came across Dana Boisseau in the comment section of a mutual Facebook friend and my life has never been the same.

A spiritual medium is a person who can communicate with spirits and energies. Often people go to see spiritual mediums to get closure from a loved one who has passed on or to seek advice from them regarding their career, relationships and self improvement. You don’t have to be of a certain religion to seek the counsel of a spiritual medium. My greatest advice would be to have patience and respect for the spirits and spiritual workers. Of course, you don’t want to upset anyone or disrespect your ancestors. When I’ve seen Dana in person, she’s requested I removed my shoes before entering the room she uses for readings and when I left she suggested I detoxed with water. What happened in between those events? We sat in a bright, airy and comfortable room and my dad entered the room as soon as I did and we got to work. Dana asked me for my full name and she wrote it on paper ( she does this every time we speak.) My point is, the setting wasn’t dark and uneasy as the movies make it out to be. And Dana is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met in my life. Your spiritual medium may not need your name, she/he may have another way of ‘connecting’.

Five Things You Should Know Before Your First Spiritual Medium Reading

Chill on the expectations

The first time you go to your reading, of course you have in mind the person you want to speak to. What if they don’t show up? Or what if they come to say “hi” and check out? One thing I’ve learned through my experiences with my ancestors is not much changes once they ‘crossover’. Who they were in life is who they are in spirit. If certain conversations made them uncomfortable on earth then they will probably tip toe around those conversations if you bring them up during your reading. On a positive note, you may not get exactly what you’re going for but you will get what you need to get through the stage of life that you’re in.

Prepare to get directions

In my opinion, people, when they pass on and become a spirit, start feeling themselves lol. My dad believes he has super powers and can protect me in a mighty way. My aunt called all of brothers into a reading to show them that I was communicating with them through a medium. She thought the shit was cool. They all had requests. Your ancestors may want you to complete something they started while on earth. They may want you to relay messages to family or do something special to their grave. They may want you to create an alter in your home for them. Of course, it’s up to you if you grant their requests but it’s probably in your best interest to do so. Remember, your ancestors look out for you and hold your hand through your human experience.

Once you open that door there’s no going back

Of course the last thing we expect are our ancestors to tell us to let go of something we think is perfectly fine, our jobs, a spouse, habits, etc. Well, they will inform you of the things in your life that are not serving you. You probably already know you’re playing with fire and are waiting to get burned but once your ancestors confirms it, the signs seem to become more vivid. Your dreams changes, your intuition grows, and your subconscious become the conscious. You can ignore the advice of your ancestors but the universe will constantly remind you.

Not only your ancestors may show up

Essentially, if they’re showing up to your spiritual reading, then they are of some connection to you. I’ve recently learned of my connection to Orishas (my family in the spirit world). Wikipedia has watered down who and what they are but because of Beyonce, many are familiar with Oshun, an Orisha. We often see Beyonce channel her on stage and in videos. I’ve had Oshun and my actual parent Orisha show up to my readings. I’ve received guidance from them and learned of my own powers. You may be of the Orisha ‘bloodline’ as I call it, you may have a Loa that may show up to your reading or another God or spirit. Sounds crazy, I know. But we don’t choose them, they’ve already chosen us prior to birth. Just be open to ‘extras’ popping in to say hi during your readings. It may not all happen at your first reading. Somethings are waiting for you to open your mind.

Don’t be afraid

Everyone you encounter in life won’t have the best intentions for you, so I would never give you advice to just trust any one with your well-being, including a spiritual worker. Definitely do your research and let your intuition guide you. Like I said previously, I looked for a spiritual medium for years online before finding one in someone’s Facebook comments. I was immediately drawn to her.

Absolutely, be safe!

Don’t let others discourage you from a reading that could bring light to your life. A popular comment is ” That’s against the bibles teachings or that’s ‘Voodoo’. Well if you’re living your life by the bible then maybe this isn’t for you but a great question to ask yourself is… Why would God give her children the give of connecting with spirit if its against her wishes that they do so? And everyone seems to be doing voodoo these days. Chanting affirmations, meditation, forms of exercising such as yoga, all comes from Voodoo. Connect with your ancestors and let us know how it goes.

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