5 Reasons To Leave Your Main Interest In 2019

It’s a new year and you’re making all the necessary changes in your life to be a better you in the new decade. You’re meal prepping and hitting the gym, you’ve hit up your credit repair consultant and have your bills on auto pay. Things are really looking up for you but you can’t help feeling that your love life could use a level up too. Of course you can just chuck the deuces or tell your boo you’d like to “be friends” but you’re feeling unsure and afraid to make a decision you might later regret. Here’s why you may need a break from your current guy…


To Heal From Past Trauma

2019 shook the universe. There was a major wave of people speaking publicly about depression than ever before. It even brought to light mental illness in people who didn’t understand exactly what was going on with them. Sometimes separating from needy relationships to focus on healing is best. Especially if your spouse ignores your cries for help or triggers you negatively.


So You Can Focus On Yourself

Whether you’ve been with your person for a few months or several years you may have noticed that you were once more productive prior to this relationship. You were punctual in life and never stopped until everything on your To Do list was checked off. When we’re with someone we tend to get caught up in the cuddle life or Netflix and chill if you will. Separating for a short period to refocus on you and the things you’re involved in may be a good idea.


They Don’t Support You

You got a promotion at work, started the business you’ve been talking about, went back to school for that masters degree and they didn’t even congratulate you. It’s time to move on. There’s someone out there who will worship you as well as celebrate all of your accomplishments down to the smallest milestone and that’s the type of person you want to be with.


The Relationship No Longer Serves You

You’re not single but you feel very alone. You’re unheard, you are no longer yourself with them but when you’re out with friends you feel full of life and free. The affection has exited stage left and even though you’re living in the same space as a couple you feel more like roommates, shall I go on…


The Sex Isn’t Good

Girl, if your night in shinning armor is all talk and no action maybe you need to reconsider. Its 2020 and we just experienced some of the highest anxiety levels of our lives. This is not the 60’s, we please and we should be pleased in return and sometimes…a lot of times, just because. Say it with me – This Year Is filled With Orgasms.

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