5 Crystals Everyone Should Own

Whenever someone is on their path to centering and grounding oneself, they are usually avid collectors of two things in the very beginning: Crystals + Sage. These two items are like the token tools for meditation for beginners. Some don’t even know why they are choosing those items, they just go with what they have heard, read, or both. Nothing wrong with that – we all have to start somewhere; but let’s dive a little deeper into these crystals today to prepare you a little further down this path of peace.

First, let’s discuss what crystals are, why they matter, and what they do. Speaking specifically of healing crystals, these magical tools are conceived by joining multiple substances (liquid, salt, magma, etc.) and letting them naturally marinate for thousands to millions of years to build the energy of each unique stone. During the process of growth and formation, withstanding all Mother Nature has endured, the crystals hold healing properties that are natural to the earth, universe, and all it offers. This energy is then passed to the owner of said crystal to work as a healing tool. Each crystal is different but they all can help in some way.

Now to the purpose of this post, if you have ever wanted to start a crystal collection but not sure which ones to go with – keep reading. I am a big advocate of just visiting a shop and seeing what resonates with you so you can always start there. Still unsure? Then let’s start with these 5 crystals EVERYONE should own.

Clear Quartz


SPIRITUAL: Enhances your clarity and aids in communication with the spirit guides.

KEY WORDS: Clearing, Cleansing, Healing, Memory

This is a master crystal – you can use the Clear Quartz to cleanse and charge your other crystals. It is the perfect start to your spiritual journey. Use this crystal for guidance while meditating as well as for assistance with a major test.

Rose Quartz


SPIRITUAL: Encourages love (self and for others).

KEY WORDS: Love, Release of Stress, Emotional Healing, Uniting with Divine

Looking for love, or assistance with love, then this is the crystal for you! Honestly, even if you aren’t looking, we all need it – especially self love, so be sure to add this to your arsenal and work on opening that heart chakra.

Lapis Lazuli

CHAKRAS: Third Eye, Throat

SPIRITUAL: Deepens meditation, enhances telepathy, and past-life recollection.

KEY WORDS: Inner Vision and Truthful Communication

Lapis is known for delivering imperative messages that one needs to hear but you will receive them in the form of images instead of words. Have trouble communicating? This crystal is perfect for that. Enhancing the Third Eye and Throat Chakra to keep things open, honest, and clear.


CHAKRAS: All but extra connected to the Heart and Third Eye

SPIRITUAL: Very powerful spiritual awakenings.

KEY WORDS: Rapid Spiritual Evolution, Chakra Activation, Protection, Cleansing, Transformation

Moldavite is one of my favorite crystals. This is a powerhouse crystal because it brings on change and elevation like no other – and FAST! If there is something you desire, this will bring it fast. Something or someone not meaning you well, this will rid it from your life. I think everyone should have one at least once in their lives, just be ready for what it brings.


CHAKAS: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

SPIRITUAL: Enhances creative imagination, brings abundance, divine manifestation.

KEY WORDS: Manifestation, Creativity, Mental Clarity, Prosperity, Wealth

Citrine is perfect for bringing wealth and abundance as well enhancing your creativity. The reason I put this one on the list is because everyone deserves abundance and the ability to manifest their deepest desires.

Crystals are a great addition to your spiritual journey and carry healing and enhancing energies we all can benefit from. If you are new to the crystal collecting family – welcome and this is a great place to start. Just be aware, collecting them can be addictive. Before you know it, you will have them all over your home, car, and body.

I hope this helped give some clarity on where to start and how to build your collection. Are you a crystal lover? Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

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