“I thought that was you!”: How to choose your signature look without sacrificing your style.

  • Author: Krystal B. Armstrong

Whether is it Amber Rose’s super cropped cut, Beyonce’s honey blonde locks, or Marilyn’s red lip and platinum blonde coif; we recognize these looks from a mile away. We can see certain people from a distance, either facing or from behind, and just KNOW who it is because, well, signatures.

Signature looks have been in existence since the beginning of time (ok – probably not that long but long enough to be in existence before anyone reading this were born.), and having a signature look works very well for anyone with or building a brand. In this year of our Lord 2020, building brands is what everyone is doing whether they realize it or not. With the power of social media, we have fans we didn’t even know we had and friends in strangers that we will never meet; and this is all because of branding.

The good thing about being a brand, is that authentic is the best kind of brand to be. You never have to pretend, you can be YOU 24/7, and no apologies are needed. so when choosing your signature look, I want you to think authentically. Think of something that works for you everyday. Something that doesn’t take much thought but makes you feel amazing. For example, my signature at the moment is my shaved sides with two parts on the left. No matter my hairstyle, those damn parts are there saying “hey”! People know it, people love it, and people recognize it from a mile away. When it comes to makeup, my signature is a soft smoked eye, no lashes, no wing. Yes, signatures can change but some sort of aspect of it you can keep forever (how many styles has Beyonce worn but it is ALWAYS honey blonde?). It can be a lip color, a particular look (Adele’s winged liner or even Amy Winehouse), a favorite color (maybe you love yellow and wear it often) that you can incorporate with anything). Whatever it may be. wear it, wear it well, and wear it unapologetically.

What is your signature look? And if you don’t have one yet – what is one beauty product or look you can turn into your signature? When you step on the stage, you want them to know it’s you ALWAYS! Slide into your purpose with a bomb signature – you deserve it.

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