4 Ex Boy Friends You Need to Stop Giving Energy to

In the words of Marques Houston “If you love something let it go and if you comes back than that’s how you’ll know.” But that’s not always the case. One saying that makes me chuckle yet, hold’s much significance is ” Find a duck, keep a duck.” The question is ladies, are you the duck your ex keeps running back to? You see, men aren’t as simple as we think they are. If they notice that you have a weak spot for them, they’ll surely play on it to get whatever they need from you. It could be money, a place to stay, conversation when they’re bored, sex or all of the fore mentioned. Now there’s many scrum ball ex boy friends out there playing on the heartstrings of women but here’s the top few to look out for…

The Ex That’s Moved On
This ex beau is my favorite because it can easily be a controversial conversation. Of course your ex can move on, realize that they truly love you and want to be with you. In many scenarios this can actually be healthy when two people have been together for a while, decide to go separate ways and find their way back to one another. Creating a love far more grounded the second time around but don’t be foolish. If your ex has truly moved on: he’s flaunting around his newbie, settling and building a life with her, maybe he’s even gotten married… SHUT THAT DOOR! Stop allowing him to use you for sex, food, money, or to pass time.

The Brutally Disrespectful
This would be the ex that just didn’t know his place. Whether it was childhood trauma or just his low self esteem, he just couldn’t keep his hands off of you or maybe he forgot what your parents named you when things didn’t go his way. He never had a job or spent his money frivolously so you footed more than your share of the bills, basically taking care of him. If you’ve split away from this guy, good for you. But these types of habits don’t go away easily. If you’re still in contact with him keep in mind who he truly is, even if he seems to have change.

Side Piece
This one is for my committed ladies who’ve stepped out on their relationships to entertain another guy. Maybe you caught some feelings and really like him. Maybe you could see yourself with him and probably considered leaving home to be with him. If you told Mr. Side Piece that you’re married just go a head and hang it up. Chances are, no matter how much he’s into you, you’re already stamped in his head as a cheater and y’all won’t progress much further than a situation-ship. And if he’s brave enough or weak enough to make things official with you, be on lookout for trust issues.

Mr. Manipulative
We’ve all had one. Plays on your sensitive areas and can drop tears to back his sob stories at the drop of a dime. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it. You constantly notice his true colors yet, here he goes with his degree in drama pulling you back in. Don’t be so gullible! This is definitely a behavior that won’t change and if you want to do him a favor, call a therapist. Girl, if you’ve walked away from him, keep going and don’t look back.

And did I really have to mention… CHEATERS?!

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